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Mayor: 1

Psycho: 0

Psycho's the text doesnt fit and is monochromatic/low contrast which makes it look bland. Mayor's has just enough contrast, and overall looks clean

2-0 MMS


Text 1/10

Blending 4/10

Compostion 2/10

Quality 3/10

Execution 4/10

Ttl 14/50

Comments - Bad quality renders, horrendous text.


Text 5/10 (Were you the one that couldn't d-load new fonts b/c of admin rights?)

Blending 5/10

Compostion 7/10

Quality 9/10

Execution 7/10

Ttl 33/50

Comments - Not my style... good landscape sig (still like mine better :D ).

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#winner MMS


Text 7/10

Blending 6/10

Compostion 6/10

Quality 6/10

Execution 8/10

Ttl 32/50

Comments - Some jagginess issues with the render. Good quality sig.


Text 4/10

Blending 2/10

Compostion 3/10

Quality 3/10

Execution 4/10

Ttl 16/50

Comments - Too noisy. The duped-and-flipped render is a no-no. The render is waaay too distorted. The weird things in the middle of the sig have no relation. Did I mention too noisy? The text is a good concept but too big and a shame that it was ruined by the noise background. Good concept.


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Thanks guys.

boltbait.mrgreen.png CSM- I think the jagginess you're talking about in my sig is the way I glowed the white outline on the bottom render. I wished I raised the softness and lowered the width on the outline, but that's just me.

CSM- It's not really my style of sigs--but I like it!

pTuz- It looks kind of plain to me. Maybe try using a smaller width but a similar amount of height. I started with 500x150, now I think it looks bad on the type of sigs I make (render sigs w/ c4ds) and I like to mix it up, but my favorite is 350x150.


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CSM: 1


CSM, your's is very nice, but it is basicly a wallpaper with shapes and lowered opacity. No offense, still one of your best signatures.

ptuz, you can tell you put work into this sig, it blends well, and it is overall great. I love the text.

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#CSM725: 2


@CSM725, Right hand bottom corner needs a bit of work around the edges. I might have used the white transparent lines in a different manner for the final product. Didn't notice anything particularly wrong with it, has a good flow and a nice foundation.

@ptuZ, has a nice background and the placement of the render was great. Text is a little edgy and could use some transparency or shine to it so it doesn't look pasted on there. The render needs a bit more blending into the background. The render could use some more work. Good concept.

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csm 3

ptuz 1

simplicity. ptuz just had too much detail in the background, making it look cluttered. I don't like cluttered sigs. next battle?

it's ok to reuse sigs here right?



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Text 5/15

Blending 7/15

Compostion 8/15

Quality 13/15

Execution 8/15

Concept 7/7

Overall 15/18

Ttl 63/100

Comments - The text kills it (-10 on Text, -7 on Blending, -5 on Composition, -6 on Execution). Really bad. That's 28 points gone :D. Otherwise a solid space sig.


Text 11/15

Blending 10/15

Compostion 8/15

Quality 10/15

Execution 10/15

Concept 4/7

Overall 14/18

Ttl 67/50

Comments - Too dark for me. Way too dark. However, brilliant text.


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I like them both very much, but I'm going to have to go with Kings.

Noob: I like the colors, but I'm not wild about the text. Maybe you should've added a smaller planet and a moon to go along with it and smaller text. That's what I would've done.

King: Nice Sig! I'm not a big fan of the background, as I can see the renders face in it. That's a big nono. You should try rotating the render in the background so that you can't really tell that it is the main render. Hope that makes sense. I like the text and border. I don't really like the black and white; maybe you should try a gradiant map.

King- 2

Edited by Stone85
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Text & Or Border 5/15

Color Scheme 7/10

Textures & C4d's 10\20

Compostion & Flow 7/15

Quality 6/10

Execution 6/10

Concept 6/10

Unique & Eyecatching 5/10

Overall 52/100


Text & Or Border 2/15

Color Scheme 2/10

Textures & C4d's 7\20

Compostion & Flow 3/15

Quality 6/10

Execution 3/10

Concept 6/10

Unique & Eyecatching 5/10

Overall 34/100



Edited by Mayor_McSteeze
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Stone85 gmv. Ima do a detailed explanation and cnc lol

Stone85: You're definitely improving. You have some nice effects. Your colours look simple and they can blend with the render and the background. However, the black fading outline/border in the on the edges of the sig does not fit with the sig and ruins it. Your text is still at a beginner's stage so may I suggest you not to add text to your sigs. I'm not goingto point out that the render looks stretched because it's not really that important. Keep reading some basic signature tutorials and if you really want to get into makinng small art, start vising more forums. :)

PsychoHarmonic: From what I can see, you have a nice potential. It's great you're using some simple stocks to make your sig. Though if I were you, I wouldn't have used that concept. Those colours don't fit and they look very random. The text ruins the whole sig also. As I said to Stone above, read more basic tuts. :)

Stone: 2

Psycho: 0

Anyone wanna battle me next round...?


sigs n stuff

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

Stone 3

Psycho 0

I like the effect psycho. but it's to simple (and random).

#winner Stone95

Anyone wanna fight my new sig (I need the feedback :))?


Thanks random is what i was going for =D

Im gonna have to go with ptuZ on this one.

The reasons being that Musiphonix's sig is jaggy, and it looks like the center is poler inverted and sigs are not big enough for that.

ptuZ zig of the other hand is nice. I like the foreground but, the darkness/contrast take too much away from the background.

ptuZ: uno

Musiphonix: ZIP

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ptuz i like it its simple but good. it could be a little lighter though. just my opinion

musiphonix: to much going on and the font is kinda hard to read

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