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  1. That one is completely freakin awesome. I love it so much. Maybe its the simplicity of the design. I have always wanted to do something like this. This one is probably my second favorite. I think everything blends in well and the render in it was a very good base. My third favorite because it made my laugh. Something about it is just funny.
  2. I have never liked all text signatures unless they put together in a good way(E.G. like a logo with a motto). Maybe put a background or something. So my votes goes to...BUZZKILL! Buzzkill - 3 csm725 - 0 #winner Buzzkill I will enter this I guess:
  3. @csm725 Yeah this was actually my venture into new lands! I usually use stocks but those are never that good. The first one actually started as a gears of war sig but then I saw how awesome the c4d was and the stock didn't really match so I kind of experimented and I got that. I liked it so I started to build onto that. And the reason the last two are the same color is because I used almost the same exact techniques for both of them... @chrisco97 Yes there is actually. I used two different ones: and And for textures I used SKULLS! If you look in the middle you can see a pile of skulls and the background(it is actually the third; right after the c4d I have right above; and the first layer which is a gradient) is consisted of 2 very large skulls pointed in different directions.
  4. Really? I thought it looked really good when I was making it, but I was sleepy. So when I woke up I thought it looked alright. Yea the color's are supposed to be eye catching and 'intense'.
  5. Here are some of my works. All of them have been made in the past 2 weeks. I made them with paint.NET with some c4d's and some pics from google. This was the first that I had did in a while: This is the second one that I had did(well v2 of the second one I did): Here is the third one that I made this yesterday night at around 11:00pm: (it has a white border bottom) And my fourth one which I made yesterday night around 1:00am: I am looking for actual critique so be TRUTHFUL, not mean, truthful. And list your likes or dislikes.
  6. I am like downsyndrome, but for cool kids.

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