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  1. Rants *enter at own risk*

    <closed> Damn. That still doesn't work. Yeah this place needs a fixing up. Could someone please fix my admin? Also I haven't posted in about a year...
  2. PNG files

    I don't know of any plugins that will recognize text and transfer it to a document or translate it. Sorry but the only way I know of is to copy it onto a word document yourself and then translate it. To create a plugin that can do what I described before would take a loooooooooottttttttttt of work. Here are the basics for paint.net: http://www.getpaint....test/index.html You can translate to dutch if that's easier for you to read. Unfortunately, my native language is Klingon, so I just had to learn it on my own.
  3. The <off topic> thread

    http://act.350.org/sign/help_nasheed/ "Tell your national leaders: We are deeply concerned about the recent coup that forced Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed from office. President Nasheed was the first democratically elected leader of his country and a global voice for action to address the climate crisis. He needs your support to ensure his safety. Please put diplomatic pressure on the leaders of this coup to avoid violence and to work for a peaceful, democratic solution to their conflict."
  4. Rants *enter at own risk*

    I haven't done anything major in Paint.net (unless you count this major) in a while (like a year). Also, the Steam giveaway thing was pretty disappointing, although I am grateful they're giving out free stuff in the beginning. 83 pages of users ranting, posted in six days. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2428973
  5. Screen not centered

    Rules. 3) DO NOT SHOUT. We can hear you just fine. Using all capitals is often interpeted as rude, so please don't. I was gonna make a joke, because you said you can hear us laughing, and your shouting back or something, but I couldn't really phrase it. It wouldn't have been that funny anyway. Whatever.
  6. The <off topic> thread

    It's sad that half of the people in my school don't know the difference between Google and Google Chrome.
  7. Forum rules suggestions

    We should ask for a parent/guardian's signature. If there isn't an option for prompting, is there a way to automatically PM someone a pretyped message?
  8. The <off topic> thread

    I discovered this (not) deep down, (not) very hidden forum called the Graveyard. What is this for? Can't the mods just delete the threads instead of using up server space and keeping them? Its not like anyone is ever going to go there.
  9. The <off topic> thread

    Pyrochild, do you dislike socks?
  10. Same here. There's no error message, it just doesn't load.
  11. The <off topic> thread

    I understand. Thank you for the explanation.
  12. The <off topic> thread

    What is the difference between a newb and a noob? For example: Is it: I remember when I was a newb, wandering the alleyways of the forum, or I remember when I was a noob, wandering the alleyways of the forum.
  13. Air Brush

    Simon Brown's custom brushes might help. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14845-custombrushesmini-v21/ Or try this tutorial: This has been discussed many times: http://www.google.com/cse?cx=017811919762320179081%3Achfn-2g_cbg&cof=FORID%3A1&q=airbrush&sa=Search&siteurl=www.getpaint.net%2Fsearch.html
  14. Try this: http://www.freepdftoimage.com/ Just use it on the PDF file, and open in in Paint.net.
  15. random shapes

    Wow, that's cool. How did you get the giraffe to blend in like that?