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To tell you the truth, both of them suck. Spider's is pointless and has no flow. Colors are totally uncoordinated. Font is a big no-no. ptuz's is too bright. texture in the center band is pretty darn ugly. ptuz's is ok. Therefore,

ptuz 1

spider 0 

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I'll enter with my current as well



Whoops, the other battle hasnt finished

Weylin: 3

KevinB: 0

I love the gold bars on weylins, kind of reminds me of barbieq's style. Kevins is nice as well, but mabye he should put it on a black background, you cant really see the yellow glow.

#Winner Weylin

Edited by Falken


100% Paint.net

"I'm the evil fairy witch. Since I'm so evil, I'm locking this pointless thread" -Pyrochild

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punishr: 1

falken: 1

I'm going to have to go with Falken on this one. I love the grunge-esque texture he has combined with that color just looks awesome.

Punisher, you have some great skill with pixel art, and are a good artist when it comes to knowing when things blend good in an image.

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L3ron, you must give a reason...

12. You can't simply say "I like yours better" and give the person a vote. This means you can't have a post like this:

CSM: 1
Chrisco: 0

s12a. If you don't have a good reason to vote for someone, then just don't vote. You don't HAVE to post in a thread!

s12b. If you violate Rule 12, the vote does not count.

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