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Text & Or Border 5/15

Color Scheme 7/10

Textures & C4d's 10\20

Compostion & Flow 7/15

Quality 6/10

Execution 6/10

Concept 6/10

Unique & Eyecatching 5/10

Overall 52/100


Text & Or Border 2/15

Color Scheme 2/10

Textures & C4d's 7\20

Compostion & Flow 3/15

Quality 6/10

Execution 3/10

Concept 6/10

Unique & Eyecatching 5/10

Overall 34/100



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Stone85 gmv. Ima do a detailed explanation and cnc lol

Stone85: You're definitely improving. You have some nice effects. Your colours look simple and they can blend with the render and the background. However, the black fading outline/border in the on the edges of the sig does not fit with the sig and ruins it. Your text is still at a beginner's stage so may I suggest you not to add text to your sigs. I'm not goingto point out that the render looks stretched because it's not really that important. Keep reading some basic signature tutorials and if you really want to get into makinng small art, start vising more forums. :)

PsychoHarmonic: From what I can see, you have a nice potential. It's great you're using some simple stocks to make your sig. Though if I were you, I wouldn't have used that concept. Those colours don't fit and they look very random. The text ruins the whole sig also. As I said to Stone above, read more basic tuts. :)

Stone: 2

Psycho: 0

Anyone wanna battle me next round...?

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

Stone 3

Psycho 0

I like the effect psycho. but it's to simple (and random).

#winner Stone95

Anyone wanna fight my new sig (I need the feedback :))?


Thanks random is what i was going for =D

Im gonna have to go with ptuZ on this one.

The reasons being that Musiphonix's sig is jaggy, and it looks like the center is poler inverted and sigs are not big enough for that.

ptuZ zig of the other hand is nice. I like the foreground but, the darkness/contrast take too much away from the background.

ptuZ: uno

Musiphonix: ZIP

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I vote Ptuz. You should add a second light source to the left though so you can see the people.

Musi- I don't really like the text and it looks like you resized the sig because it looks like the quality was reduced.

#winner Ptuz


I use text cuz I really wanna get better with it.

I'm likin' the new (i think it's new....) sig, Mayor. boltbait.wink.png

yy10- I can never find any good pdn render sig tuts. Got any? Or any that are on another program but can be done on pdn?

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