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Mayor_McSteeze: 1 >>> don't really like it in brief. the colours are nice but the images arn't

Chrisco: 1 >>> not a bad looking sig, the text is placed reasonably well and the lighting and effects are neat

Despite the horrendous grammar, I must agree with Axle. MMS's sig is just too dark. Chrisco's is, well, above average.

Make it 2-1 chrisco

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mayor: i like it is blended really well. i think its kinda plain which could be better in some cases and its kinda dark

chrisco: i like the gritty-ness of it and the lighting.

my vote is chrisco97



#winner Chrisco97

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Mayor: 1

n d: 0

ND, it is not that I do not like your signature, it is nice. But mayor has really done good with his. It blends very well.


3-0 MMS

#winner Mayor_McSteeze

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Musiphonix, need to work on the AA, and really think hard before making a space sig because they just get old real quick (if they're not good!)

Chrisco, Not extraordinary, but it blends very well and the grungy feel to it is nice :lol:

Chrisco: 3

Musiphonix: 0

# Winner Chrisco

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