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ClockWorkDemon: 1

csm725: 1

I like the simple, cleanliness of it, although csm's was very good for a from-scratch-signature, however i would have added a little more polishing to it.


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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This is probably one of the tougher decisions I've made in sig battles.

Since CSM's sig is 100% (which i didn't know before!) I'm going to have to give it to him.

Clockwork, your sig is actually really good so don't get discouraged. B)

CSM: 2

Clockwork Demon: 1

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Noobz 2

Kevin 0

Noobz is very clean, very pleasing to look at, albeit a render sig.

Kevin's looks like (and is) something that I could make in a matter of seconds.

Animation is annoying, text is pixelated and cut off at the top.

For me, a very easy choice.

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csm725 wins!

A close battle, but I think I'll have to go with csm's sig, as N00Bz said, "for the simplicity." My eyes had no idea how to interpret parts of yy10's sig.

I'll join with this


No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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PDNNoob: 1

Timmons106: 0

I love the planet and starscape in Pdnnoob's.

Timmon's render is aliased, plus the text is bad.


PDNNoob 3

Timmons 0

#winner PDNNoob

Edited by csm725
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