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Make an Animated .GIF with Paint.NET

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@Wrencher: You can do something like this if you think the image might be too big.


Notice the th_ before the file name in the img code

And this will only work with photobucket.


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I have some problems.

I identified 6 pictures in jpg to make into a gif. How to change from .jpg to .gif ? When I tried to rename each of the .jpg files to .gif what I have is a filename.gif.jpg so it is essentially a jpg file. So there is an error when I use the Unfeez program

Any ideas ?


Hmmm... you could always try opening each of the pictures in PdN and then re-saving them as .gif (File > save as > change the file type) :?



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I do have to admit. louster200's signature is kind of "crazy" as in shaking and flashing uncontrollably. louster200, we've seen almost all effects Paint.NET has; we don't need you to use all the effects at different times for your signature. Thank you, though.

Hi. This is my signature. :)

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