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  1. why are you using temporary links? they all dont work now...
  2. if you go to a store that sells software you can find photoshop 6 for $150. But Paint.Net is very good for comics, just need a drawing pad!
  3. my new image! been on it for 3 days. i like it though. Thanks for tutorials!
  4. how did you do that? :o Can you make a tutorial on how to do that or say how its done? thats cool!
  5. two which have already been asked, a smudge tool, and a spray can. But i have the idea of what it would be for though at first it seems pointless :arrow: Go to spray can tool! I know there is a way to achieve this effect but its not very good looking... The smudge is just a reminder. But i think there should be a tighten selection for the lasso.
  6. use the exploding planets tutorial and then play around with it. I dont remember exactly how i did it but it was from scratch!
  7. heres one i made. is there any way to make it faster?
  8. my image! I used soften portrait after i changed the hue to yellow. Now its a sun explosion!
  9. I cant put it into the effects folder :? I have parental controls so i need prmission. after i get permission it asks again. then i cant put it in the folder.
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