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  1. Pic I made to put in my profile on an text based mafia game
  2. It's about a carrace from an online game. Pretty simple, but I like it
  3. Thanks, and sorry i'll use it next time :oops:
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but: I'm looking for a program that can break up an animated gif into different images. Just the excact opposite of .gif animators :wink:
  5. Thank you sooo much Dont know why I couldn't find it with search though :?
  6. Does anyone know how to outline text, like is done to the small text in the picture below? I mean like when you have white text for example, you put a black border around it. Is anyone able to help me? :oops:
  7. I get an error while installing the new update, version 3.10. Does anyone know what to do?
  8. Yeah, that's what i mean! Sorry I only described it so vaguely :oops: I did search, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Atm the pic I needed it for lost its use, so nevermind this thread :o
  9. You've probably all dropped a tear on a piece of paper? I was wondering if it was possible to recreate this effect using Paint.Net. Does anyone have an idea on how to do so? :wink:
  10. My new signature Took me 90 minutes to make If you are wondering, Yes that is Runescape :wink:
  11. Not much PdN-ish, but I reckoned it worth posting anyway
  12. Not much PdN-ish, but I reckoned it worth posting anyway
  13. Great stuf! :shock: Ill try this when i have time
  14. Thats awsome! Ill try it sometime
  15. Motion Blur, Clouds (background), Glow Animated with UnFreez :wink:
  16. Joost

    Drawing a Gemstone

    Just feather after every edge you made :wink:
  17. Lol, made it for a different community :wink: Hasnt got much hard PdN stuf on it, but wanted to show anyway
  18. Its an underbanner for a Runescape Community, Sq'irk is a minigame in runescape :wink:
  19. Oops :? I just copied all those cool little images from the Paint.Net thing that was posted in the topic, to fill up the bottom. Ahh well
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