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  1. Well Since MattBlackLamb beat me with the Pink Floyd Line I had to change to this:
  2. Maybe this is what they meant, but if not is there a way to correct this?
  3. Thanks. 6/10 I liked it better before "Alvin" jumped on it. Edit: Too many mistakes to list. :oops:
  4. You get straight A's but you have no time for PdN'ing because your to busy studying. :shock: I wish I was in Antigua.
  5. @david.atwell: Really like yours have since the first itme I saw it. 9.9999/10
  6. Yes he makes it home with your laptop and starts PdN'ing again. As for HITMAN-X while running after Jak he is hit by a bus and ends up in the hospital. The police catch up to him and find out that he is the HITMAN-X they have been after for years. He is found guilty of many HIT'S and is sentenced to life in jail with no..........PdN. :shock:
  7. Thanks? Where do you think I need AA? I want the 8.5. Oh and your's is a 10/10, I'm sure you are aware of this. Is it all PdN ?
  8. No ! It might be the end of the line for Jak trying to continue to live without PdN. edit:spelled continue wrong :oops:
  9. Didn't think mine was elegant but thanks. But maybe your not talking about mine ? Edit: Forgot to rate the one above me. :wink: Yours is very nice by the way.
  10. xshadowpuppet I like yours dosen't look simple to me. 8.5?/10.
  11. He gets a job long enough to buy a computer and down loads PdN. He then quits and spends the rest of his days creating wonderful images with PdN and lives forever HAPPY. Except that steel door/window thing really confuses(sp) him. :?
  12. When your 5 year old spills your coffee all over the table and instead of getting upset you wonder if you can make it (spilled coffee) with Paint.NET. Edit: forgot the . in Paint.NET :oops:
  13. A little pattern thingy: and check out the new siggy. :wink:
  14. First try at a glass cube. Still needs work. Any suggestions?
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