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  1. Made this for a project we had in Marketing, it's a mock-up of an ad banner.
  2. This could be very great for blood!! Good job ^^
  3. This is for a fan comic I'm doing on DA, just part of a necklace with cliched magic symbols. standard issue XD
  4. This tutorial shows how to use UnFreeze, it's a good freeware that makes simple animated gif
  5. Oh, thank you. I completely forgot that I haven't changed it. Thanx ^^
  6. Cool ^^ I love that design in the middle! Yeah, it would look better saved as .png, I suppose.
  7. Whoah! Very cool ^^ I love the colours you used! I really like this effect, it's like the whole circle is in motion! Like it's a very intense battle!!
  8. WHoah! That looks epic! You flatter me too much, I'm a beginner too ^^
  9. Cool labels ^^ I love that font! which one is it? Here's my latest, Hand drawn and coloured in Paint.NET: Aqua & Glacies
  10. Cool ant, Wither!! It's supposed to be TV fuzz and someone is appearing from inside the TV a la "The Ring". It's Marluxia again, I use him because he's the only stock pic I have that has a transparent background XD
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