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  1. Made this for a project we had in Marketing, it's a mock-up of an ad banner.
  2. This tutorial shows how to use UnFreeze, it's a good freeware that makes simple animated gif
  3. Oh, thank you. I completely forgot that I haven't changed it. Thanx ^^
  4. Cool ^^ I love that design in the middle! Yeah, it would look better saved as .png, I suppose.
  5. Whoah! Very cool ^^ I love the colours you used! I really like this effect, it's like the whole circle is in motion! Like it's a very intense battle!!
  6. WHoah! That looks epic! You flatter me too much, I'm a beginner too ^^
  7. Cool idea ^^ I never would've thought of that, thank you
  8. Very cool ^^ I love how the different shapes join together in a cohesive structure! Good job those don't but this does Darkshock91 but this cool concept Man, this is insanely wicked!! *The puns! Oh, the puns!!!* Wow! Amazing!!!
  9. Thank you ^^ I got that idea from an awesome tut in this forum, I don't remember what was it called though :oops:. Wow, this is awesome! Good job ^^ Cool glow It's like the magic is at the climax of power! Nyahahaha... Sorry 'bout that XD
  10. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Moderators Note: Pictures in this tutorial rehosted by ReMake. My first Tutorial, please be gentle ^^ First of all, You might wanna have BoltBait Polygon/Stars and Zoom Blur Deluxe plug-ins installed. And also some runic/magical symbols fonts as well, you can find them by just googling "Runic Symbols font". Here's one of the fonts I used (The only one I remember where I got it from ) Anyway, let's get started! 1. It's easier to position the circle if the canvas is a square. 2. Use the bucket to fill the
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