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  1. does anyone have the tutorial as to reading the options with this program. for instance how do i get the sphere to go from left to right? here is what i have done and used 2 options without knowing what would come of it. Obviously, i dont have it yet. http://www.videopostcards.info/animatedsphere.html mrmagoo144
  2. again the best way to reduce pictures for emailing is using program pixresizer. the link is http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm just download it to your desktop and install it. when you load the picture it will automatically give you several resizes without distorting the picture. the suggested size for email is 600 pixels or less hope this helps. mrmagoo144
  3. I don't like to switch people out of this program, but the best tool to resize any picture up or down without distortion is called "pixresizer" it's free and you go to google search, type in pix resizer and you will see the link from blue five. save the program to desktop and run from desktop. once installed upload the picture you have and then choose the new size. it will save the picture in any type, gif, jpeg etc.... and you will choose the folder you save it in so you can find it. hope this helps Mrmagoo144
  4. im a little more than confused now. what does cutting out a picture have to do with popping out of a picture. mrmagoo144
  5. i have done the animated part but how do you do the revolving sphere? Mrmagoo144
  6. as for the rectangle- here is what i did and it looks fine. make your rectangle fill in with black color go to layers use the rotate/zoom feature practice, practice, practice. I still need the help with the invert selection tool Mrmagoo144
  7. thanks for the reply, i open the picture that i want, i duplicate the picture, i add new layer, i create the box, i rotate the box to give a 3d look, i select the box, i select layer 2, when i go to edit invert selection is not open to choose. If i click select all then invert selection is enabled.i click on invert selection and click on delete and nothing happens. am i missing something. i know i will get this sooner or later. again thanks for the response. Mrmagoo144
  8. my problem is the selection of the black box, then select the 2nd picture, which I believe is the duplicate layer, then invert the selection is where I get stumped. I see invert colors under adjustments, so i click on this and then press delete and nothing happens. I gues I need to know where invert selection tool is. Again, would appreciate some help, thanks, Mrmagoo144 Cant see very well you know
  9. i have got the first 3 steps, i select the black box meaning i check only the black box? then you say select the 2nd image not sure what do do here. perhaps you can separate the 4th and 5th steps in this tutorial thanks, mrmagoo144 cant see very well you know.
  10. hello i have made a man climbing a wall animation. i want the man to climb the wall slower. how do i do that. I have the time factor on 12 and it did not seem to make any difference weather the time factor was on 3, 6 or 12. you can see my work at http://www.videopostcards.info/aboutus.html thank you, mrmagoo144
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