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  1. wow I like it how did you make this one!!!
  2. FIRST read the rules this isn't the place to post questions about the program. SECOND read some tutorials to get to know the program better.
  3. sweet tutorial I like this one
  4. Ill work on the tutorial after I get home from work...but I just made a new sig lol...sorry ill read the ruls next time lol my bad
  5. How to make a layout with Paint.NET ok well I have made like 3-4 layouts with Paint.NET and I think they have turned out great I just was wondering if you guys would be interested in a Tutorial about making layouts w/ Paint.NET. Here are 2 of the layouts I have created: http://www.witchin.net/test/JB/ http://www.witchin.net/test/bm/
  6. ...I'm working on an image splitting helper plugin...so far it won't save them for you, it just sort of expands the pieces. Thats cool!!! I hope it works...good thanks.........
  7. Is there a program that works like Image Ready Slice. Because I want to create a layout and cut it up so I can seperate all the images....?? A FREE PROGRAM!!!
  8. thanks this one is better then the other one
  9. I got the google map one whats the link to the other
  10. it still made that layer transparent and I downloaded it and replaced it so its not the computer
  11. Im having trouble when ever I try to do that effect it turns my picture transparent so wat do I do
  12. thank you usedHONDA...and BoltBait
  13. Does anyone know where I can find good quick tutorials on C#
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