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  1. I'm not totally sure what the issue is. I've made some silly mistakes that may be relevant so, check to make sure these things are set properly: 1. Primary color is not fully (or mostly) transparent. 2. The layer you're writing to is not set to transparent OR set to invisible (unchecked) in the layers panel. 3. The region you're writing on that layer is not covered by an image on a layer above it. 4. You don't have a different region selected, cause then your text would only show up where you have it selected, and not at all if you're not writing in that selection.
  2. Should be able to. Just surround the url of the image by ubbc img tags. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin_board_code
  3. I haven't been to this forum in a long time, but I'm probably gonna be around here more often. I knew about the new plugin, so I decided to check out if this thread was still pinned, out of curiosity. I didn't expect it to still be pinned AND have 29 pages! lol But, the idea of animating frame by frame still applies so I'll leave it as it is. I may edit it at some point to include animating with the plugin, though.
  4. It's definitely an interesting proposal, especially if it was implemented into the forum directly (which is not hard). Simon Brown does have a good point, though... people would probably try to resort to the IRC to get questions answered rather than trying to search, further corrupted our generation! err, I mean... uh... But also, it would probably decrease forum posting, and therefore actually have an adverse effect on the forum (hypothetically, anyway).
  5. I would probably use pyro's splatter, as boltbait said, make some on 2-3 layers, then add an outline to each. I did it very quickly:
  6. Plush - Stone Temple Pilots a little stp never hurt nobody
  7. 6/10 Although I really like the design, it seems very plane. No color and no style to the text.
  8. I kinda went inactive on this forum so it's hard for me to say, BUT I do know that I glimpse at your Polyptychs tutorial for something very recently, and going by post count, so I'll say "respectably famous." O.o
  9. Yep, it didn't show up the first time I put it there for some reason, which is why I asked, but it does now. Maybe I just overlooked it, idk.
  10. I just got Visual Studio 2010 Professional, and in the folder ...\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates there are three other folders (Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual Web Developer) but I noticed that in the 2008 folder these three folders are not there, so do I put this template in ...\ProjectTemplates or in ...\ProjectTemplates\Visual C# ?
  11. Already did that ^_^ Just realized my school's free software section has VS 5 and 8, but I'm downloading 10 from DreamSpark now. Works for me. :o Thanks for that. I'll look into it when I have time... Unfortunately, I have a Calc II exam tomorrow so I need to get studying a bit. All in due time, though. But hey, no more copy/pasta from notepad++ Edit: Just sayin, after Java being my language of choice for quite a while, I read up on C# a bit today, and I think C# is starting to be my new choice... we shall see. O_o
  12. Free or discounted? Oo *downloading* Being a student has its perks!
  13. Still appreciated though! VS isn't free... sadface Hmm... would it be possible to tell WHEN the Render function is on the last row. Like, if rect.Bottom is equal to the bottom of the selection? Then, from there, set table back to null? *goes to try*
  14. Thanks Boltbait, I will look into those things. And thanks Pyrochild, but I already changed that in my most reason version. And yeah, when I saw the 7 I literally facepalmed quietly to myself. =P
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