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  1. Great stuf! :shock: Ill try this when i have time
  2. Thats awsome! Ill try it sometime
  3. Joost

    Drawing a Gemstone

    Just feather after every edge you made :wink:
  4. Oops :? I just copied all those cool little images from the Paint.Net thing that was posted in the topic, to fill up the bottom. Ahh well
  5. Great tutorial! Awsome result EDIT: Something went wrong with this post, see the grey field to the left of this :shock: EDIT2: Appearantly something in barkbark's post caused it, he got that away now
  6. Atm im trying to find time to make a front + side for a MMORPG im playing *cough*Runescape*cough* Ill post when done
  7. what is? Probs some populair animation i never heared of :oops:
  8. Made this sig for a different community, Runescape related Totally Paint.Net, with a little touch of UnFreez
  9. Uh.. I must have done something wrong :? Its cool though
  10. Does that really take the amount of frames i think it does? Doesnt that take ages to make? :?
  11. Lol yeh, i thought i saw some similarities
  12. My first post Whooopie Been reading forum before tho Lemme show you my attempt: Before: After:
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