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Make an Animated .GIF with Paint.NET


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Look, you're not going to get far with people who know what they're talking about.

Click here if you're still insistent.

Notice the posted date: May 4th, 2007. Also notice that it's exactly the same as the GIF you posted.

If you make something, feel free to post it here but don't lie to try to impress people.

I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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How i love Flash for these kind of things! (Motion tween ftw!)

Oh yeah!

Here's what I made:

http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/7678 ... aahzi4.swf

I know the quality is not very good but I couldn't emb the image... if anyone knows the code please tell me :roll:

I used Flash for the animation, but made the images with PdN. SWF FTW!


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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