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  1. Thanks and yes it is 100% PdN I started with a blank canvas I'm very pleased with the way it's shaping up
  2. Hi Guy's I am back I have been on holiday for about 6 weeks I had a great time, but I see I have some catching up to do Here is a WIP that I am working on, what do you think so far ?
  3. I went to see the Golden Compass on Sat and I also had some photos of me taking when I was riding my horse on Fri....Now I have a new Sig
  4. Janettsue this is excellent, I love the trees great work 8)
  5. Thanks Guys glad you liked the Flower, one more from me today now I better do some work :wink:
  6. Zookey I think Spike looks great 8) and I love his aquarium Nemos is looking a bit bare *lol* @Janettesue I do like the deer just needs a red nose and you have Ruldolf
  7. I been practicing different blending, blurring, Layering stuff and I am very pleased with this. I got a bit bored after I did the actual eye ball, cause thats what I wanted to get down, but I still like this, 100% PdN 8)
  8. With help from Oma we made transparent Glass 8) Thank you Oma
  9. This is very good, is it all done in Paint.Net ? If so please tell me how you did it 8) Im working on a castle and this looks like it would come in very handy !
  10. Thanks Hammy No that's not me, I do surf but not that well :wink:
  11. I think that would be awesome....Yes please This one I have seen done before I just worked out how to do it tonight 8) This one has a mix of tuts and a mix of my own crazy mind :wink: Comments welcome
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