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  1. Hi Robjackson, Someone in the Movie Maker forum gave me this instruction and it works for me: "Open up four different images into Paint.Net. After these are loaded you can see them and switch between them on the canvas by clicking on the one you want from the image list. They are shown on the image list in the upper right of the screen ...with a drop-down arrow to see them if there are many images. We want to put these four images in four quadrants of a new image....so first lets make a new image...go to the top and click on 'file' and then 'new'. You then get to choose the parameters of you
  2. Thanks Hellfire, But what I wanted was to put 4 different pictures (food1.jpg, food2.jpg ,food3.jpg and food4.jpg each of them resized to 400 x 300) into one file called food_amended.jpg (which is 800 x 600) I managed to import and resize the 4 files into 400 x 300 and dragged them into 4 different corners. But the problem is I cannot have 4 of them as one picture. When I select food1.jpg, the other 3 (ie food2.jpg, food3.jpg and good4.jpg) CANNOT be selected AT THE SAME TIME. What I have is one corner with the pictures while the other 3 corners are white canvas & I have 4 of these. So h
  3. I am having the same problem as Robjackson. How do I use corners ? I can't even use the two images I imported at the same time. I am trying to put: food1.jpg on the top-left food2.jpg on the top-right food3.jpg on the bottom-left food4.jpf on the bottom-right all into one canvas and save it. Any ideas ? Thanks
  4. I have about 8 different still pictures of food. How do I placed all them into 1 single still pictures ? Or placed them into two still pictures with each showing 4 different food pictures (say in 2 x 2) ? I mean if I have still pictures A,B,C,D,E, F,G,H and I want to have one frame of still picture showing A,B,C,D in (2x2) and another still picture showing E,F,G,H (also in 2 x 2) I tried to do it in Paint.Net by importing into the canvas and resizing the image to a quarter size of the canvas size. When I tried to import in the 2nd image, the first image is not on the canvas. When I select ba
  5. Thanks david & Ash for the reply. It has been helpful
  6. I have some problems. I identified 6 pictures in jpg to make into a gif. How to change from .jpg to .gif ? When I tried to rename each of the .jpg files to .gif what I have is a filename.gif.jpg so it is essentially a jpg file. So there is an error when I use the Unfeez program Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. Hello there, I am new to Paint.Net. Please pardon me because I am going to ask a very elementary question but I still cannot figure out how to do it. Ok, I open up the program Paint.Net, then I import in a filename Tryphoto. No problem with that, then I added text to this Tryphoto and saved the amended file with a new filename Tryphoto_amd. The problem is when I wanted amend the text in Tryphoto_amd. I opened up Paint.Net and import in the file Tryphoto_amd, no problem. But then I cannot figure out how to amend the text ? I wanna move the text to another location but how do I do that ? What
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