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    My 2 Boys, Model building, Cooking, Just recently Web Site design, and now trying to learn all the great stuff you can do with PdN
  1. Well Since MattBlackLamb beat me with the Pink Floyd Line I had to change to this:
  2. Maybe this is what they meant, but if not is there a way to correct this?
  3. Thanks. 6/10 I liked it better before "Alvin" jumped on it. Edit: Too many mistakes to list. :oops:
  4. You get straight A's but you have no time for PdN'ing because your to busy studying. :shock: I wish I was in Antigua.
  5. @david.atwell: Really like yours have since the first itme I saw it. 9.9999/10
  6. Yes he makes it home with your laptop and starts PdN'ing again. As for HITMAN-X while running after Jak he is hit by a bus and ends up in the hospital. The police catch up to him and find out that he is the HITMAN-X they have been after for years. He is found guilty of many HIT'S and is sentenced to life in jail with no..........PdN. :shock:
  7. Thanks? Where do you think I need AA? I want the 8.5. Oh and your's is a 10/10, I'm sure you are aware of this. Is it all PdN ?
  8. No ! It might be the end of the line for Jak trying to continue to live without PdN. edit:spelled continue wrong :oops:
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