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  1. I like that a lot ncfan. He looks very happy and care-free Here's one that I made ages ago.. o.o
  2. Nice! ! My end result (after I messed around a bit, of course):
  3. That helps a lot, thanks!! I just wanted to know if it was possible to do this because I don't want to fork out more money (I'm buying my parents a new monitor for their computer) just to find out it wouldn't work.
  4. Hey everybody! *feels quite out-of-place* My parents are getting a new computer this week and it's coming with Nvidia 6150SE graphics. I know the 6150SE is an integrated chip, but if I put in another graphics card (such as an 8600), would it use that or keep using the 6150SE? Halp? :?
  5. Hmmmm... I changing the text options in Paint.NET for curves would be very impressive, or perhaps a plugin to change text? Or would this be possible at all?
  6. Okok... So I just read the rules on posting, etc. because I wanted some feedback on a new siggy I made (actually a couple variations of just one). I'm going to use the one that gets the most feedback (positive feedback lol)...so PM me or reply here on which one u like best, okay? XD
  7. Oh. i fixed my problem myself. the toolbar is at the top now...not the bottom...
  8. I got lost at "Pick the Rectangle tool (o), make sure you have "Draw Filled Shape" selected (bottom toolbar, next to "Fill style"), and set the value of your color to maximum (100)." I was like :shock: I couldn't find it... ARGH! Maybe I'm just blind? lol
  9. Haha, nice tut. I prefer the Jasc Animation Shop though~you can add text and other stuff with it! lol It may be a little more complex, but it's quite useful when you get the hang of it! Get it here? You have to put in your name, email, etc. to download it....but hey! it's still free lol
  10. Please update this from a newer version of Paint.NET I got lost in the 2nd/3rd step... Argh.... I feel sort of stupid now rofl. :shock: Seeing as how everybody else is making very nice glass buttons...