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SOTW#236 - A Plugin You Have NEVER Used Before - Winners!


SOTW#236 - A Plugin You Have NEVER Used Before  

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The poll is now open for 'A Plugin You Have Never Used Before'. It will be closed on Saturday, April 24th, 2021 - 2:00 PM (EST) & 7:00 PM (UK Time). World Clock


Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries.  May the best artist_03.gifwin!

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  • lynxster4 changed the title to SOTW#236 - A Plugin You Have NEVER Used Before - Winners!

Congratulations to the winners!


1st Place:   @barbieq25 with 6 votes :trophy:


2nd Place:   @lynxster4 with 5 votes :trophy-silver:


3rd Place:   @barbieq25 (2x), @Manc (2x) and @Djisveswith 4 votes each :trophy-bronze: :trophy-bronze: :trophy-bronze:


Great entries from everyone!  What a wild comp!  Wide array of so differing entries.  We must do this one again. 😁


An extra congrats to @barbieq25, whose 3 entries all placed!  💐  

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Congratulations everyone on your wins.  Beautiful entries guys and gals 👍  (I failed miser😜ably)

As soon as I saw @barbieq25's hexagons - I knew it was a winner 


Thank you @lynxster4 for hosting


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Thank you all! Such a great bunch of entries & I hope it inspired you to new ways of working.


@Pixeyyou did not fail. You entered & you created art. That is still a win in my books.


Well done @lynxster4, @Djisves& @Manc.


Thank you for being a great host @lynxster4


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Great comp, congratulations to the winners. Wow @barbieq25 that is an accomplishment having all 3 entries place in the top! This was such a great way to "force" me to try to expand my plugin knowledge. I really liked that everyone had to indicate what plugin they used. A smart way to learn the potential of many plugins through someone else. Thank you @lynxster4 for hosting and woohoo for placing :). Thanks also to whomever suggested the comp.

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