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  1. I hope you had a great day @Manc!
  2. Happy Birthday πŸŒΈπŸŽ‚
  3. I like all the shading and the unusual sky color.
  4. I listened to some Everlast, Creed and Nickleback today.
  5. Congrats to the entrants and winners. Even though not a lot of entries there sure were unique takes on different mailboxes (as we call them in the US lol). At first I thought . . . what is a letterbox?? 🀣
  6. Pie: clipart-library.com Grill: vecteezy.com
  7. Hat: clipart-library.com Legs: pngegg.com
  8. Wow @JulioCoolio, that is gorgeous! Reminds me of the swirly fancy glass I used to see when I dabbled in stained glass art. Great outcome and the name is perfect!
  9. Thank you @JulioCoolio for your comments. When I get the time, paint.net is not only fun but also therapeautic.
  10. Great entries! Congrats @lynxster4 for first place
  11. Font: TRON (fontspace.com) Car: clipart-library.com
  12. Ladybug

    Mancs page.

    Wow @Manc, that is a really cool effect. The shine effect is perfect.
  13. Congrats to all entries. Clouds were a fun comp. Always been fascinated by them.
  14. Climber Clipart - clipart-library.com
  15. You can run the plugin Image Distortion and choose the effect from the menu. If you don't have the plugin already installed you can find it here:
  16. Did not mean to be rude @Manc about your nice comment on my shapes, all the way back in April lol.
  17. Added some more pics to my gallery. Take a look by clicking on the eyeballs. Thanks!
  18. Thank you for the votes @lynxster4 is right, everyone had very cool outcomes with this plugin. I especially liked @Manc's "face" entry.
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