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  1. Nicely done to all participants. It was a learning experience for me as I had not utilized the Height Map plugins before. They frustrated me because I was not understanding them but this comp was a good way to get me to try them again. I truly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful chess pieces everyone created ♟️.
  2. I have added some new creations to my Gallery. Just click on the tiny paint palette to jump to the newest additions 🎨.
  3. @BoltBait, how do we remove the files from here and link them to an offsite? I now use NicPicHost but in the beginning I did post images directly on here.
  4. Great outcome on the cage and jewel @Manc. That tutorial is on my long list of tuts to try.
  5. Yay for all the great entries! Congrats @lynxster4 for 1st place and thank you for hosting 🤩.
  6. @ANONYMISS, the only difference then is the version of Windows. I have Windows 10 (I will boo for that one but had to upgrade since it was a new computer).
  7. @ANONYMISS, not sure why. It is odd. I have the classic release of PDN. I put the plugins I download in Documents/Paint.net App Files/Effects and after the palette is rendered I move it to Documents/Paint.net App Files/Palettes. I hope that may be of help in comparing your setup and why it may be crashing.
  8. @geist_ I tried it again on one of my images and it did create more than one color but the colors looked washed out. Then I tried it on a sprite image and it worked beautifully. The image location still needs a bit of editing since it only saves it to Documents\paint.net App Files\. Just add the Palettes folder name. It did not give me the option to give it a name but perhaps you are still working on that. Thanks for sharing your coding abilities with some of us who have none, lol. Others on here are very well versed and can help you tweak the plugin if it needs to be.
  9. @geist_ thanks for sharing your plugin 🙂. I tried it on two different images and it created a separate palette for both but it only created the palette with the color most used in the image. I do have 2 requests if they are not too much trouble. Could the plugin save the palette to Documents\paint.net App Files\Palettes instead? That is where the other palettes appear. And lastly, is there a way to allow the user to give the palette a name before it saves? I have included the 2 images I tried the plugin on and provided a link to the corresponding palette that was created. Thanks again for your
  10. Ladybug

    Mancs page.

    @Manc, those are gorgeous and unique in their pattern!
  11. Ladybug

    Mancs page.

    Very Curious @Manc 🤔
  12. Thank you @ReMake. I appreciate you fixing the image links. The only change I would make is that for Variant 2, Motion Blur is in the Blurs menu. Maybe it was in Render before? Either way, thank you for the time you took to update this great tutorial and share your beautiful final image example.
  13. @barbieq25, lets hope you are one of the ones that gets no symptoms or mild ones after the second one. It really is an individual by individual scenario. A woman who I spoke to who is 1 of a set of identical twins had really bad body aches and chills after the second one. Her twin who also went and got hers at the same place and time had arm ache at the site of vaccination and a low grade fever, that's it. Go figure lol.
  14. @DrewDale, musicians just get better with age. Like fine wine 🍷🙂.
  15. I hate having photos of me taken so I had to search and cut my ex-husband out of the pic (not out of meanness, just since he is not around to consent). Either way this was taken somewhere in Washington D.C. And yes I did soften it a little since my phone had such a grainy camera.
  16. @barbieq25. I have read lately that the CDC is recommending people who have had the shots still take precautions because they don't fully know whether a vaccinated person can carry it to a non-vaccinated person and infect them. This is all still too surreal. I went into Home Depot a few weeks ago and was in a hurry and walked in without my mask on. No one said peep. I quickly realized it when I saw people around me with masks and since I carry them in a pouch in my purse it was no problem. I did have a moment of panic like when you forget your cell phone at home lol.
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