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  1. Haha @barbieq25. I appreciate your kind comment :). I do tend to like snow themed things. Thanks @Vagabondi for the plugin recommendations. I do have AA's Assistant but I really don't fully understand what it does other that it's magic when a Tutorial calls for it. I did not have Edge Fader Extreme and installed it. Can't wait to use it to fix some images. My edges always give me trouble and sometimes I spend too much time trying to clean them up.
  2. Thanks to @lynxster4for being the host and for that great winning autumn puppy entry. I have truly been enjoying these as I compete against myself to see what new thing I can improve on. No way am I going to try and compete with the likes of you old timers! Congrats to @sashwilko and to @Pixey for having 2 winning entries.
  3. Oh and forgot to say that the poinsettia is an image I have from a clipart disc and the Peter Rabbit image I had purchased eons ago for when I was making birth announcements for my first born.
  4. Thanks to @Vagabondifor explaining to me how the Gallery works and encouraging me to make one. I am still a noob so please be kind 😬. Some of them say mytigre since that is my username on Deviant where I had loaded some work. Still a noob there too lol.
  5. @VagabondiOnce again those planets with rings are my favorite. That last entry is amazing! I love the blue color and how you incorporated the same blue from the rings onto the planet's surface.
  6. @BoltBait I really like the last entries where you have it in both transparent and black background. That grey surface is very unique.
  7. @Pixey, each time I look at this it reminds me of cream cheese and blueberries.
  8. Oooh, I am loving Honey Gold and of course Space Sheep. I ran out of entries too, good idea using the gallery to make more! I am a newbie so I have no gallery but I do get into a zone and keep getting ideas for contest entries even after I ran out of allowed entries. The one time I had left over entries was the paint.net contest and I had not read properly that it was more than 3 entries, DOH! I have to keep on practicing how to make planet rings as my rings don't turn out as cool as yours and @Drydareelin.
  9. That would be great @Drydareelin. Been having fun learning new techniques by following the tutorials on here.
  10. WOW @Drydareelin that planet with the rings is amazing. Fantastic artistry! My rings now look like dust bunnies compared to your Bugs Bunny lol.
  11. Thanks @Vagabondi! Good luck to you and all who are taking part in the competition. These are fun
  12. Thanks 😁. I have been learning a lot from the tutorials on here. I followed a tutorial on Gas Giants that is a pdf on here. I hope I posted the link to the tutorial correctly.
  13. Thanks @Pixey. Will have to try that.
  14. @Pixey Those owls are so cute I could hug them! I really like how you make such soft fur on your images. Been trying to follow tutorials but my fur never turns out right.
  15. @Vagabondi I really like your craters on your moon entry. Have been trying to do this but no luck yet. Any pointers? Thanks.
  16. These are gorgeous! I especially like Purple Heart. The coweb look is very realistic.
  17. Welcome back. I may not know you since I am new to posting but I do wish you continued health. This virus has affected everyone and hearing of a positive outcome is always great. Take care of yourself in these odd times (eat some chocolate lol, or whatever your treat of choice is) and enjoy the day.
  18. All the phone entries were wonderful. Congrats!
  19. I am very honored and thrilled. Thank you. Congrats to Ego Eram and for all who participated. Everyone's entries give ideas for future techniques to try.
  20. Thanks nitenurse. I have been having fun learning more complex editing techniques through the tutorials on here. There is still the Autumn Critter competition that is still open
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