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toe_head2001's Plugins (Sept 29, 2018)

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toe_head2001's Plugin Pack 


Now you can get all these plugins together; even the ones you don't want or need!

All these plugins are for v4.1.x.  Sorry, I don't bother with v3.5 compatibility.

If you have any comments that are specific to a certain plugin, please post in that plugin's forum thread/topic.




You have two options for the download.

ZIP of plugin installer:




ZIP of .dll files:







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Adjustments menu

SubLCD.png  SubLCD - Adjust image to appear to use ClearType-like rendering. Mostly useful for text. Originally created by @xrl.



Effects > Blurs menu

ClampedGaussianBlur.png  Gaussian Blur (Clamped) - Much like the regular Gaussian Blur effect, except this effect gets clamped to the active selection. This effectively stops colors (and transparency) from bleeding through from outside of the selection.



Effects > Distort menu

Distort This! - Distort a layer using four control points. Useful for distorting, stretching or skewing. Originally created by @TechnoRobbo.


Droste - A type of recursive picture where the image contains smaller examples of itself tiled in a logarithmic spiral. Originally created by @PJayTycy.


ScreenPixel.png  Screen Pixel - breaks an image into it's constituent RGB components. Originally created by @Bleek II.



Effects > Fill

BlurFill.png  Blur Fill - Fills transparent areas of the canvas with a scaled copy of an object within the layer. The height vs. width ratio is fixed.



Effects > Photo menu

InsetBoxShadow.png  Inset Box Shadow - Uses inner shadowing to create photo type frame of varying transparency. Imagine a square vignette which can be placed inside the edge of an image by a given margin.


Green Tint Reduction - Intelligently reduces the amount of green tint in an image without introducing magenta.



Effects > Render menu

Barcode.png  Barcode - Generates barcodes from user input. Supports Code 39, Code 39 Mod 43, Full ascii code 39, Postnet, and UPC-A. Originally created by @Sepcot.


BulletinBoardTrim.png  Bulletin Board Trim - Creates a image border in a 'Bulletin Board Trim' style.


CoordinatePlanePoints.png  Coordinate Plane Points - Creates center-based coordinate plane points.


Gingham.png  Gingham - Generates a Gingham pattern with custom color, width, and line styles.


Graph Paper - Generates graph paper with adjustable Cell Size & grouping.


IsometricCuboid.png  Isometric Cuboid - Generates a Rectangular Cuboid and shows it using Isometric projection.


JigsawPuzzle.png  Jigsaw Puzzle - Generates a Jigsaw Puzzle cut-out of an image.


PieChart.png  Pie Chart - Renders a Pie Chart based on specified Colors and Values. Can also render Labels on the chart.


PostageStamp.png  Postage Stamp - Creates an edge like a modern postage stamp (i.e. wave like perforations) around the image.


Ruler.png  Ruler - Renders a ruler using the specified units & sub units. This will NOT measure anything and will NOT convert pixel length to another unit of length.


SpokedWheel.png  Spoked Wheel - Creates a circular wheels with options to specify size, spoke number, axle size, rim thickness, color.


Tattersall.png  Tattersall - Generates a Tattersall pattern with custom colors, line width, spacing, and line style.


TwoPointPerspective.png  Two-point Perspective - Generates a Rectangular Cuboid and shows it using two-point (vanishing point) projection.



Effects > Stylize menu

RadiusCorners.png  Radius Corners - Round off the square corners of an image, with nicely anti-aliased edges. Originally created by @dan9298.



Effects > Text menu

TextWindow.png  Text Window - "Cuts out" a repeated string of text to the layer or selection.



Effects > Texture

Tartan.png  Tartan - Build and render custom tartan/plaid patterns.



Effects > Tools menu

BlendModes Plus - Apply a host of new blend modes.  Originally created by @APShredder.


Quadrilateral Correction - Remaps a defined quadrilateral to a rectangular image.



Effects > Object menu

Rubber Stamp - Transforms an existing image to look like it was created with a rubber stamp.




You have two options for the download.

ZIP of plugin installer:




ZIP of .dll files:








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Some icons from, or based on, Fugue Icons.

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Updated pack posted.


Updates the previously included plugins to the most recent versions.

Adds the following plugins: BlendModes Plus, Distort This!, Droste, Graph Paper, Green Tint Reduction, Quadrilateral Correction, and Rubber Stamp.

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