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  1. please reply thoughts, the cars were not made with paint.net, everything else was
  2. if you select lasso select the part of a more light grey area of the image and use stamp tool to spread it out you get this:
  3. i changed the steps and made this
  4. i had to install the plugin while doing the tutorial and restart
  5. the images are outdated, you cant see what the images have
  6. made this please respond your thoughts
  7. i cant see what the tutorial is, its so small for me, nobody else seems to have issues though
  8. alpha mask wont work for me the image stays the same never mind
  9. my result, i added some shadows
  10. instead of using black and white, you can use black and white+ by Boltbait with the following settings: Lightness Method Brightness: -43 Contrast:-57 You will get something like this Bigger canvas = better affect
  11. i couldn't install Height Field to normal map.. it said page not found Any help?