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  1. No. However I did try it on windows store version (which i have no plugins on) and i still lagged
  2. I believe I added enough images now..? (and changed the tutorial a bit because the new shadow plugin does not have a sharpness/blur (i believe)
  3. Alright thanks for that @Djisves I normally don't stay on top of plugin updates, also welshblue, I agree that the trail looks better when darker, but I'm teaching a certain style how to do this
  4. I will fix this tomorrow; it's night where I live (images)
  5. I read the whole thing before publishing, what is wrong with it?
  6. I saw a request for this in paint.net discussion and questions and thought i would make a tutorial on it so here you go! NOTE: SETTINGS MAY NEED TO BE ADJUSTED FOR DIFFERENT SIZED TEXT Plugins needed: AA's assistant from dpy's plugin pack Object Shadow, Outline object, and Feather Object from Boltbait's plugin pack Trail from Pyrochild's plugin pack End result: Step 1: Remove the background (the blank white canvas) by pressing CTRL+A, then hit delete Step 2: Insert your text in all CAPS with the font Bahnschrift Condensed (comes with windows 10) color hex #FF1919 (download
  7. Yeah, this happened several times recently, so I recorded a few times until i got it on camera
  8. This would be annoying if you changed the size on accident. Not to mention, it would be hard to get an exact size.
  9. the first and last layers should not be the same, then it will stay on that one frame for twice the time, don't make the bottom and top layer/frame the same thing
  10. But I am trying to say why spend time downloading when you already have the setting. He was only using the hue/saturation part not "Combining"
  11. You can just do that with hue/saturation? I don't see a point of using a plugin to get the other adjustments if you wont even use them..
  12. In my opinion, that would be good for most modern programs, but paint.net has a different feel, and solid colors don't fit in just because paint.net differs from most programs
  13. Well the thing is, after a few times, I couldn't replicate it anymore (didn't make any changes to anything including other apps, i just did it again) Here are they anyway i guess: Application paint.net 4.2.14 (β 4.214.7547.1159) Build Date Sunday, August 30, 2020 Expiration Date Sunday, November 22, 2020 Install type Classic Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) True Animations
  14. @BoltBait Actually, the 3rd and 4th times i was replicating it, it actually automatically switched to the other desktop. Video showing all my plugins as @Ego Eram Reputo asked for: https://i.imgur.com/Rtc0EkB.mp4 Video of it automatically switching desktops: https://i.imgur.com/9hadUCE.mp4
  15. Basically, you run the plugin and it opens an interface. The interface would have a "Save Image" button. The button would add it to a list of images. You can either save ryour image or select one. If you select one, the image is inserted into the current layer. When you save it, it becomes part of the list to select from. Basically a simplified file explorer but easier to acces and use.
  16. It's in the name, a plugin that saves your current image. This way you don't have to make a folder and save something you might want to use in the future into your pc. This would be much easier to import.
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