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  1. Since your looking for smoothness, use basic anti-alias
  2. @john23 Anti-Alias and Alias are very different things. Alias is when there is a shape on your canvas with nothing else to it. It makes the edges of shapes jagged as they aren't softened. It looks like this: Zoomed In: Anti-Alias softens the edges, so that this jaggedness is gone. It looks like this: Zoomed In: I would use Anti-Alias as it looks much better and smoother, however I would use Alias if you are making pixel art or want it jagged for some reason
  3. Also, just adding this: The Megalo plugin pack is full of stolen plugins meaning you should be able to find some of the plugins that were in it on this forum, not in one go, but I say looking for them is worth it, (and no virus!!)
  4. You can't just update all at once, theres more requested updates that are being worked on, nobody is gonna add new features out of thin air. The ones that are less important obviously wont come out fast, if they even do come out
  5. Smoky background made with clouds, turbulence, and dents
  6. Settings (gear/wheel icon in top right) > Updates > Check Now
  7. Duplicate the layer, run blur blend (settings depend on image size), then set the layer opacity down to liking. Flatten and save Result with a radius of 2 on blur blend, 136 layer opacity
  8. Do you have many plugins? I had this problem once and solved it by removing some plugins I don't use. turns out I had way too many plugins added
  9. Recolor Tool can't do saturation, but can do hue and lightness
  10. I think it lookes nice already, but you can try blurring it to blend the colors if that's what you mean
  11. It's supposed to be dark, are your other windows dark or just your taskbar?
  12. This plugin is made by pyrochild, and doesn't come with paint.net, so therefore it wouldn't make much sense for him to fix something not apart of his program
  13. only raise it from 0 a little bit, 0 is way too low
  14. Shift+Click with magic wand does the whole thing, then adjust the tolerance. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MagicWand.html
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