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  1. I'm off to create another great art. firstly I must get inspired.
  2. cheers for rep mate. :mtdew:

  3. good evening everyone. man, i havent been on here in ages. thought i'd stop by to see whats up
  4. scratch that, i meant 3D sorry. i hear a lot of put downs over PDN on other forums. PDN is easy on my system with a weak gfx card. ive got every known plugin saved. allows me to create and expand my art projects.ive got all your plugins toe_head mate
  5. oh! thats cool pixey. so glossy. i would love to create something like that but with different object.
  6. cool that tree. iam in same class, i always put myself down for the art that i create...and sometimes others put down the gfx program that i use saying its not as superior as PS. PDN is still the best program. and its free. free is good.
  7. ooh nice works. i like the last image. i would like to embed image in text like that
  8. great job that radio. the detailing in the wood panaling, exquisite. my dad had one just like it many years ago before it was destroyed in fire. it could have sold for some serious dough
  9. cheers. ive tried in past to create similair website...or any website for that matter. but i dont have too much patience i guess.

  10. greetings. i visited your website, very nice.

    1. HELEN


      Thank you. I appreciate it. :)

  11. wow, this forum has the largest video thread format! i love smooth jazz. the 2 best stations are JJZ in philly on iheart radio...and bsj.fm in the UK
  12. skia eh? i dont think my pc can handle any 2d or 3d application..besides,thx to pdn i have more than enough plugins to create best art since 2008
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