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  1. I figured Proto--Germanic was sufficiently old-school. If not I can find some Proto-Indo-European, and probably Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) if I dig deep enough. But I really, really like Heilung so....
  2. Thank you! One of the only pictures of myself I have ever really liked.
  3. Well, since Todd--the birthday boy, @DragonsLion--is asleep, I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for him. (Don't worry, he read quite a few of the posts.) He got new dress shoes, and tomorrow his folks are taking us out to dinner. No hot dogs involved for either of us. That was my only worry with our names being the way they are. My birthday isn't until December. ❤️
  4. I was trying to be polite @AndrewDavid. Hot dogs don't agree with my ulcer, which STINKS! 😭
  5. Fine, if we're gonna argue old school here....
  6. @welshblue, they taste like cheap sadness. Corn dogs are a mildly-spiced sausage coated in cornbread (which, if that hasn't made it to the UK, is a crumbly and lightly-sweet bread made of corn meal) and then fried. Usually, the eater dunks them in ketchup. Most people I know like them. I think they're a waste of perfectly good cornbread. ...Maybe somebody who actually likes them could chime in.
  7. Wow! @pah, you are really showing people what PDN can do. Fantastic!
  8. @lynxster4, Oh he's perfect! Albeit slightly on Mars...
  9. Welcome! I LIKE your style!
  10. You called? In all seriousness, for the dragon in my sig I used a scale texture brush in Brush Factory, then played around with @MJW's height map plugins until I got something akin to what I wanted. However, this didn't result in quite as much scale detail as OP seems to need.
  11. I can't decide which I like best, @Rickhum!
  12. Thanks! Jitter with a maximum length of 2; frosted glass, crystalize, and stitch at defaults; dents at a very low setting.
  13. Et voila! An embroidered star applique on @welshblue's denim:
  14. In other news, Willie still has not found his bike. However, it's easy to find his tour bus: just look for the one with smoke pouring out the windows.
  15. Happy birthday! I hope things are going well!
  16. *ganks* You made it up, I'm adding it to my vocabulary. ❤️
  17. Fabulous! The most recent remind me of the kaleidoscope I had as a child.
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