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  1. Hmmm...now that gives ME some ideas....
  2. Typical of the furbrats. They've decided you belong to them and so does your land. (Just because I love animals doesn't mean I don't see through their shenanigans. I don't walk directly under birds, for starters....)
  3. ...Actually I DID miss my anxiety medicine, thank you!
  4. Not all of us...they've got to have somebody to enslave, after all. It's not like the litter box cleans itself.
  5. My favorite out of all Ol' Black Eyes' music. (That's saying something!) Rocking out to my new theme song...yep, on top of everything else!
  6. *snipped image* *sees a horrifying image of a cat that looks a lot like hers and screams*
  7. You should do a tutorial just on shaping the dent at the base of the stem! Seriously, I need like 500 of your crystal fruits for my windows. Although they do make me hungry. Where'd I put those strawberries...?
  8. You turned out pretty darn awesome yourself! EEp...good luck!
  9. Yes...it helps quite a lot actually. Thank you. No more blackouts so far, stents removed from the last batch of kidney stones, and currently napping. It's been a rough week.
  10. Yeah, Father's Day has always been a, "..Huh?" for me. I celebrate it for my FIL now, but always need to be reminded. Thank you!
  11. Both of us, really; my sister saw only slightly more of him than I did. ❤️
  12. The one good thing I can say about my sister is that she's feeling about as much as I am, so no chance of being yelled at. And...that's it, really. I think you hit right on it. I will never know why he made the choices that he did. *hug*
  13. *Ponders* What am I supposed to feel upon learning that my permanently-estranged father has died?
  14. I read that as, "In the other dimension," and wondered what you were doing.... Don't mind me.
  15. Thank goodness for the rep system because your new piece left me speechless!
  16. A belated happy birthday to the creator of the world's best software!
  17. Yeah, I don't think my dentist would be too impressed.
  18. 🤣 Agreed! Who would you have cast as Rick Brewster and the Dwarf Horde? (Which, btw, sounds like an awesome band.)
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