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  1. What class? I always played a half-elf magic user of some sort.
  2. Thank you @Seerose! I was trying to replicate the look of an old "London Fog." Glad you like it! @hippiechos thanks! I used @Red ochre's "Vanishing Point" and @TechnoRobbo's "Distort This" (which I believe is now handled by @toe_head2001).
  3. So...as long as they're within the size limits...would gaming dice be acceptable? I'm a D&D nerd from waaaay back, and I always thought some of the specialized dice were really cool. EDIT: Nevermind, just re-read the rules. Somehow my brain skipped over the "six-sided" line. *facepalm*
  4. @Pixey yep, catnip mousie is located at the right side of the back panel. He's actually a portrait of Mach Five's favorite catnip mousie, Dr. Trippy. (Yes, her toys have names.) @Woodsy, I wanted to put it somewhere hectic and grimy with a bustling crowd, but um...I'm not confident AT ALL in my ability to draw people. So, I settled for grimy and foggy. Thank you both, and thank you @ingwer for the reps!
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Professor Dragon's Pet Apothecary! The healthiest foods, the finest treats, and the prettiest toys to keep your companions at their happiest! My prices are most fair, good people, and I can promise it is worth it for your pet! Yes, I've been on a bit of a Victorian kick lately; why do you ask?
  6. Drew, I finally had a chance to show this to the Lion (my hubby) today, and I'm supposed to send you a virtual high five. You did an awesome job!
  7. Honestly @Scooter, you do utterly fantabulous work! You're one of my favorite artists here. Thank you for the compliments though. Now get out from under that bushel basket! One, you shouldn't be hiding your talent under it, and two, Alex (the seal in my sig) needs it for his dance routine.
  8. @Anybloodyid that is the one thing that still bugs me about it, yes. I am still refining that technique. Thank you!
  9. Thank you! You have no idea how much this helps. Also, your daughter is adorable.
  10. @Pixey, I grew up around the circus so at first I thought it wouldn't be fair...but then I realized I couldn't say no. Working away!
  11. @Pixey...very, very carefully. I would suggest, "not at all." @Woodsy, for a split second I thought your other two cats would be Darryl and his other brother Darryl. Larry, Moe, and Curly work too--assuming Larry didn't mind.
  12. They called a BOY Lucille? They didn't listen to "A Boy Named Sue" I take it. I agree, I'd bite too! I'm glad Felix is settling in so well! And wow, that is a big furfamily! Worth it though. Congratulations on the new addition!
  13. @hippiechos fantastic! I think you could make this into a tutorial.
  14. @lynxster4, this is fantastic! Love the use of the rubber stamp tool.
  15. @Pixey, gorgeous as ever! That would be some egg to find in an Easter basket!
  16. Welcome @hippiechos! These all look fantastic!
  17. Ishi, first of all your work is awesome. Second, I've done everything from wedding announcements (my own) to professional restaurant signs in PDN. The ONLY issue I've ever encountered was when I needed a vector image. *grimace* I have total faith in your ability to blow their minds. Congratulations to them btw!
  18. @barbieq25, thank you so much! I wondered; I miss your inspiring work. And, and...brilliant? THANK YOU! *does happy dance* How many rats do you have? @hippiechos thank you! I'm pretty proud of it; I've been trying to get the yarn ball looking right for ages.
  19. Thank you @lynxster4! I've actually been trying to figure out the ball of yarn for ages. Then I saw @Pixey's rope tutorial and something clicked. I built up layers of "yarn" and made a sphere in Shape 3D. A little Relief, FurBlur, and GridWarp on the ball to give it texture and there it is! IRL, I'm crocheting some class samples (and the pattern for one of them has a big error in it, grr). In PDN...not sure, since right now I'm working on a piece that keeps leading me into happy accidents.
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