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Found 5 results

  1. Here's an "effect" that Tom wrote. Basically what it does is let you write code that is compiled on the fly and that is then executed in the Paint.NET effect engine. This is the same plugin that we made available for Paint.NET v2.1, but it has been updated to work with Paint.NET v2.6 (and later). With this you can implement almost any type of effect you want if you have the programming and mathematical talent to do so. This plugin works by presenting you with a simple text editor that you can use to type in C# code that is then compiled and executed (rendered) as soon as you stop typing. Please note that this is experimental technology and is not meant to provide a robust development environment. It is perfect for rapid prototyping and very useful for educational purposes including teaching computer graphics. This plugin especially benefits from Paint.NET's extensive multiprocessor and multicore support. For instance, if you are interested in rendering high resolution fractals on an expensive workstation, this is the way to do it! The code you write is automatically multithreaded and the workload is spread across multiple CPU's resulting in near linear performance scaling (4 CPU's = almost 4x faster). Download: Note: BoltBait is the current maintainer of CodeLab. Help file: Help for non-programmers: If someone gave you a CodeLab script and just want to know what to do with it, read this: Tutorials: Overview Tutorial 1 of 4 Tutorial 2 of 4 Tutorial 3 of 4 Tutorial 4 of 4 Tutorial 5 of 4 Tutorial 6 Tutorial 7 Sample Code Russian If you speak Russian, download here: User ReMake maintains the Russian version. Post enhancement requests/bug reports of the Russian version on that thread. WinXP, WINE Users If you are stuck using Paint.NET v3.5.11 (for whatever reason), you can download CodeLab v1.8f here: With CodeLab, you can... Work with complicated displacement filters: Parametric images: High resolution fractals:
  2. This plugin allows G'MIC-Qt to be used as a Paint.NET Effect. Compatibility: 4.1.x Menu location: Effects > Advanced > G'MIC-Qt Note that some filters may not render correctly in Paint.NET. For example, if the filter produces an image larger than the current canvas size the image will be cropped when it is displayed by Paint.NET. Filters that require top and bottom layers can be used by placing the bottom layer on the clipboard, the currently selected layer will be used as the top layer. Some icons are from or based on those in the Fugue icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane. To install place Gmic.dll and the gmic folder in the Paint.NET Effects folder. G'MIC-Qt should automatically download the filters when the plugin is first launched. Download: If you have a 64-bit OS the win64 download will provide better performance, if you are unsure of your OS type use the win32 download it will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The gmic_paintdotnet_qt executable will only work with this Paint.NET plugin, it does not support other applications. Source Code:
  3. ShapeMaker Scalable Vector Shapes Lines and Curves for PDN 4.0.6 + by The Dwarf Horde TechnoRobbo - Code Lead (up to v1.2.3), Design toe_head2001 - Code Lead (v1.3 onward), Design Red Ochre - Graphics Lead, Design Ego Eram Reputo - Documentation Lead, Design BoltBait - Beta Testing, Design Version Foreword The ShapeMaker plugin is a tool which facilitates the creation of Scalable Vector Shapes, Lines and Curves. The tool itself uses a WYSIWYG interface where Lines, Curves and entire Paths can be created and manipulated using just the mouse. Knowledge of the complex Vector Shape structure and syntax is not required. ShapeMaker will create all that complex stuff for you and generate the Shape, code, or a complete reusable file. We hope you like ShapeMaker! Magnolia shape by @lynxster4 The ShapeMaker Plugin Video Tutorials
  4. Download from my plugin set Share your scripts: Sharing ScriptLab Scripts You can use the search function to search by name, author (if the author's name can be determined), submenu, or adjustments menu. This effect appears in the Advanced menu. Effects > Advanced > ScriptLab Use this plugin to create scripts and compilations of all of your other Paint.NET effects, adjustments, and plugins. You can save, load, and share your scripts. Download from my plugin set For developers: ScriptLab is on GitHub!
  5. For those who still uses Paint.NET 3.5.11 CodeLab v1.8 now in Russian. Thanks BoltBait for its kind permission and the consent which it gave for the publication of this product. Для тех, кто все еще использует Paint.NET 3.5.11 CodeLab v1.8f (финальная) теперь и на русском языке. Спасибо BoltBait за его любезное разрешение и согласие, которые он дал на публикацию этого продукта. For users of Paint.NET v4.1.6 CodeLab v4.2 is now available in the Russian. Для пользователей Paint.NET v4.1.6 CodeLab v4.2 теперь доступен и на русском языке. Your suggestions, comments, as well as about all the inaccuracies of translation write on this thread. Ваши предложения, замечания, а также обо всех неточностях перевода пишите в этот поток. CodeLab Help is available in Russian. Доступен Справочник CodeLab на русском языке.