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  1. Photobucket sucks.

    I use a free photobucket account and it still works, I just checked it. I dont know if they have sent me anything cause I don't read anything they send. If they do charge I'll have to change cause I dont have funds for them. Bumba Goonfella, that would bloody potato me right off.
  2. Multi Color Gradient

    Doesn't work without Control+F for me. Pretty handy once you know the secret.
  3. Engraved/ Embossed Pitted Metal

    Good tut but tho I had trouble with the multi colour gradient so made my own gradient. One of the best metal effects that I've found so far.
  4. Mastering Paint.NET - ebook

    I just got Mastering Pdn online. I've only read a bit of it so far but already discovered many things of which I was ignorant. I'm sure it will prove very useful. I should have checked it out years ago but I tend to do things back to front. Very reasonable price for a very handy bit of work. Tuvm and Good onya ERR.
  5. Images by Woodsy

    Luv your work Woodsy, always evocative and well crafted.
  6. Pixey's Gallery ~ Dreaming ~

    Beautiful work Pixey,I'm out of reps (again) so I have to say; luv your critters :-)
  7. Rick Hum's Gallery

    Tuvm Seerose and lynxster, yes I quoted Scotty and we are off the planet.., in a cosmic greenhouse..somewhere in the future :-)
  8. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    Your doing some nice work LD, very stylish. I'm out of reps but luv your feline looking dragons. Great subject, might have to have a go @ making a dragon myself soon. Good onya LD :-)
  9. Rick Hum's Gallery

    Tuvm Maxi' yes it's all Pdn. It mostly consists of the "Carbon fibre" texture, I can't recall where I found it but think it way cool and versatile. Tuvm LD, so long as u r critters get on with my cat, welcome aboard and Pixey its a spaceship thingy not a train but yeah it looks a bit trainy :-) Inspired x the greenhouse ship in the movie 'Silent running' from about 1972 . Cheers Red, it's ashly a study for texture, shading and one point perspective. Its also the first time I've used "Curves" for colouring as well. I previously just used the palette. I've built houses that didn't take as long as this piece but thats all part of the learning curve I guess. I need to make time for checking out the forum as well. "I just can't do it captain, I dont have the power" Scotty from Star trek :-)
  10. Rick Hum's Gallery

    This is a new piece. I tried hard not to get weird but I I just couldnt help myself. I was working on a perfectly normal perspective study and it went all fuchsiaristic on me. Shades of "Silent running" and all that sort of thing. I dunno if anyone here is old enough to remember that.
  11. I just invested my life savings in a new machine. I'm almost excited.

    I've been running a 32 bit system with an i5 and 4 gigs of ram and its just not been good enough for running Pdn. I now have a 64 bit system with an i7  and 16 gig of ram. Having just checked it out I can see it's gonna run way faster and smoother with less conflicts and crashes. It should also run some plugins that I haven't been able to use. Ooh! I think I am excited.

    Good onya Pdn.

    1. LionsDragon


      Rick, that sounds fantastic! Congratulations on the new machine!


    2. Rickhum


      Tuvm LD :-) Nothing like an upgrade. Happy as.


  12. The Sanctuary

    Years ago I was on a walk in unfamiliar scrubland for a couple of days when the weather turned nasty and I got a bit bushed. That is to say that I lost my bearings and didn’t have myself exactly orientated which was a somewhat dire situation to be in, in that neck of the woods. It was rough going through the scrub with my backpack and clobber, compass in one hand and map (in a plastic bag to keep it dry) in the other. Anyways to cut a short story long, I saw a wallaby leap out from behind a shrub and head off in a southerly direction. I intuitively followed said wallaby and in no time I had myself reorientated, averted disaster and rediscovered the trail by the trampled underbrush. I wasn’t getting lost today. Later on that evening after I’d set up camp and dried myself off a bit I stood outside my tent and checked out the by now clear moonlit night. A wallaby was standing a few yards from the tent checking me out as he browsed on herbage. He looked like the same wallaby I’d seen earlier but I couldn’t be too sure as all them wallaby’s look the same to me. I thanked him anyways.
  13. Pixey's Gallery ~ Dreaming ~

    Beautiful work as per usual Pixey :-) I like your use of Dents.
  14. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    Beautiful Lynxster, what a treat :-)
  15. Rick Hum's Gallery

    Tuvm Seerose, Lynxster and Woodsy. The faces are done on a photocopier Woodsy with the faces pressed against the screen :-)