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  1. Just chillin, with the plugins. Twist, Dents, Zoom blur deluxe, Noise, Grain, TR's Kaboom, Water Reflection a few blurs and playing with layers. It may be a cosmic cataclysmic event but I'm not sure. I'm never completely sure if I'm in a rut or a groove. Not fishing, just a fact. Life's a cosmic event, wooo. (It is but). Using but at the end of a sentence is an Australian colloquial linguistic device. It's all cultural, mate. This is "Cosmic debris thank's Frank" It turns out that cataclysmic events can be very creative. Just goes to show, you never know. Just as well hey! Good onya Paint.net ers. You know who you are ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Tuvm Pixey and Woodsy, I trust your battlin o.k. Woodsman. No real ducks are harmed in the production of my socio political allegories Lynxster, I promise ๐Ÿ™‚ Veilen dank fur deine unterstรผtzung Seerose, I'm part Deutsche so you have my full sympathy. Thank's for your comments Barbieq25 and Welshblue , flattery will get ewes everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚ May pythons not pinch your petunias and emus not knock down your dunny door in the drought.
  3. Luv the pool ques Seerose, particularly the handles, great effect. The drawing and paint effects look very impressive. I'm much interested in graphics that look hand done. I tried it in my Sea of Japan pic but you got it way sorted. You're prolific and all, Good onya Seerose, May your budgies never cross with cassowaries ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Dented glass blocks with a twist of hexagonal scales, a bit of the old cloud and water reflection. Smoke and mirrors. I started off practising smoke but then I started messing with one of Woody's layer tuts and then it all went to hell. Puff the magic dragon showed up and a couple of my old ducks and next I knew it was a scandal up Styx creek. Absurd it is, a paradox and all that sort of thing. I'll grow up one day, probably, maybe ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Perfect fruit Pixey, luv the watch also. Straight to the pool room. Onya boss :-)
  6. Luv your latest flowers Lynxster . I've just had a wander through your page to catch up. Beautiful work. Vibrant yet tidy with everything in the right place like a well loved home. The wrought iron and the background texture of the pearly piece are impressive and the pink flower texture looks like crepe myrtle or paper, lovely effect. The Halloween animation is such fun, especially the tones of the trees in it, full of atmosphere/ambience. Anyways Lynxster, tuvm for your support and benchmarks and I look forward to stealing your techniques in the near future :-)
  7. Thank you Pixey. You're warm and sunny and your response well regarded. This forum is frequently feelgood. It feels like the 70s or the late 60s around here. Not like regular cyberspace which is a bit scary sometimes. Yes well the Wabally: I butchered that potato but he made it a chore. He denied domestication and I couldn't catch him for the life of me and my lines are rubbish. The dingoes were concerned about who was coming to dinner but then they often are. Dingoes often look anxious but then you would if you was hungry and endangered. No worries Pixey good onya :-)
  8. Thanks Woodsy, you're a good bloke mate and I don't care what they say about ya :-) Looking forward to checking out the latest lines in Wood City old mate.
  9. Good onya Welshblue, just the kinda feedback I need. I'll have a look at that. I'm all over the shop mate and I'm grateful for pointers from a decent draughtsman. Thanks for giving em a look over. Thank you Seerose you are a lovely human being person and your feedback is gold. I'm looking forward to visiting your gallery soon. Thank you barbieque, you're too blanky good and much too kind :-) Thank you Lynxster, I was after a painting feel and Japanese style waves. I'm not sure you should encourage this madness my friend but you may like the following :-) The last Gastric brooding frog. Yes it was a real thing but a pelican got the last one in or around 1980. It was a very aptly named frog. :-) Fractalry. Every plugin known to man.
  10. Many thanks for the encouragement and taking the time Lynxster. People are so nice to me here. I'd visit more often were my internet connection more this century. Mind you I'm not complaining. It's something else to be able to sit in the scrub with a computer. What a time to be alive. Here is a picture of a flying duck because I wanted an excuse to make twisted waves. As can be seen I've made extensive use of Twist plugin and the on board oil painting plugin.
  11. Two dingoes and a wallaby deciding what to have for dinner. I've already butchered the wallaby so I imagine he'll get ett. Fur blur is all the go up my neck of the woods. I'm still working out how to drive it but its a way handy plugin.
  12. I been a bit busy.



  13. A picture I took on my phone of a couple of jumping ants and a horsefly in the leaf litter. I'm not sure if its improvement but you can see the subject better. Mostly just playing with blend modes and Madjic's Matrice plugin .
  14. Luv the pendant Pixy, superb metal work. You send me back to the drawing board girl ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Luv the flowers and Mandalas' Seerose. Beautiful tones and finish. I didn't know there was a mandala plugin so tuvm.
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