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  1. Rickhum

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    I've been offline for months & will be for several more. Still plodding along with the animation. A bit stuck in the space groove but she'll be right. Good on ya's ūüôā
  2. Rickhum

    Seerose's Gallery -Porcelain & Neon Text- 2018

    Beautiful work Seerose. The xmas cards in particular, fully festive and warm as a very warm thing :-)
  3. Rickhum

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    Thank you Seerose. I appreciate you. I got a ways to go yet but "I'm on the road to find out" :-)
  4. Rickhum

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    I seem to be having upload issues. Youtube butcher's my clips, F/book not so much. I reckon it's due to upload speed or lack thereof. This is 720 frames @ 26 fps, 10 layers (mostly). All graphic work done in Pdn, music and editing is all open source software. Music is created with a vst's using the keyboard. I can't recall the name (of the vst) as it was in 08. This clip is part of a larger animation and music project I'm doing with #1 son. Merry New year Pdnnics. Hope ewes all had a good one :-) https://youtu.be/rf5CNCTg0ac
  5. Rickhum

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    Here are some parallax images I made with Pdn a couple of years ago. At the beach with #1 daughter This is Wollumbin otherwise known as Mt Warning,which is an extinct volcano out in the back paddock.
  6. Rickhum

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    Deleted youtube
  7. Rickhum

    lynxster creations - **NEW 8/4 - Froggie**

    It's a lovely lilly lynx. Very calming composition :-)
  8. Rickhum

    Drydareelin's gallery [24/04/18 update] - 'Voyage'

    I dont like to waffle on but..your new piece is "the bomb" man. You got the whole subtlety thing going on with the lighting and the composition is balanced as. Luv the finish dude, the piece has atmosphere, u know feeling. Good onya Dry :-)
  9. Rickhum

    Drydareelin's gallery [24/04/18 update] - 'Voyage'

    Your work is an inspiration Dry dude. I've just sussed your latest, beautiful work mate. Good onya china, tuvm.
  10. Rickhum

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    This is a short clip I made in Pdn about a year ago. I don't think I've posted it here before now. The music is me on my Maton (Ausy made acoustic guitar)with a Vox amp & a Boss looper. The video was edited in Microsoft Movie Maker which has been discontinued, no longer supported and has become unstable on both my machines (32 bit i5 & 64 i7) so I can't be bothered with it anymore. Seems to lose a good deal of quality in translation anyway so I need to upgrade my skill set. Currently learning to drive a more high tech editing program favoured x professionals of the evil empire.
  11. Rickhum

    ~ WelshBlue ~ You Don't ... ~ 14/08/2018

    Beaudy Welsh, looks just like the real thing, levitating letters :-)
  12. Cheeses! I've just accidentally deleted 360 frames of an animation that had about 6 layers each & represented at least 30 hrs of work. I could pull out my brain & slap myself in the face with it. I'm developing a hate, hate relationship with windows 10.

     I think I'll go cry and have a little meltdown now, UGH!.....

    Na, It'l pass, she'll be right on the night. Cheezes!

    1. LionsDragon


      Is there any way to retrieve the frames from the recycle bin?


      Also, right there with you on the ARGH!

    2. Rickhum


      No but I moved on & it's all good now. My ambition is bigger than my brain. I have a bit of resistance to assimilation & sometimes it pops my head.I often reminisce about life before the machines  :-)


  13. Rickhum

    Pixey's Gallery ~Babushka Cats~

    I'll be offline for a while as it distracts me from my work. Got a project on, on #1 sons' block. Weed control in bushland and planting native species (rainforest). I do bush regeneration work (natural area restoration) among other things, father, Poppy, guitar teacher this a.m, community worker and a dedicated bludger. Gotta have a finger in a few pies to keep the wolf from the door these days. Onya Pix :-) oxo
  14. Rickhum

    Pixey's Gallery ~Babushka Cats~

    There are several dialects in Horsetrailer @Pixey besides the Queen's English. I speak Strine meselef but we also have Horse Trailian and Boganesian. Though you probably won't find em on google. Nice to see someone appreciates the lingo. Thanks again for the driving lessons, Good onya Pix, happy travels :-)
  15. Rickhum

    Seerose's Gallery -Porcelain & Neon Text- 2018

    Something wrong if you aren't crazy @Seerose I mean to say; If one is not disturbed by the state of the world, one is likely a few tiles short of a full roof :-)