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  1. I been a bit busy.



  2. A picture I took on my phone of a couple of jumping ants and a horsefly in the leaf litter. I'm not sure if its improvement but you can see the subject better. Mostly just playing with blend modes and Madjic's Matrice plugin .
  3. Luv the pendant Pixy, superb metal work. You send me back to the drawing board girl 🙂
  4. Luv the flowers and Mandalas' Seerose. Beautiful tones and finish. I didn't know there was a mandala plugin so tuvm.
  5. Kewel Kimba and Ariel (I think that's her name) is awesome also, looks just like the real thing. I found Kimbas' level of niceness a bit oppressive back in the day but I'm funny that way. Luv your clean lines and finish Lynxster4, giving away our age with Kimba. 🙂
  6. This is an old one that I don't think posted cause I didn't like it but something happened and I like it now. Its called 'The Hedge A children's guide to capitalism'
  7. Amazing Welshy, superb feel, ominous as all potatoe 🙂
  8. Thank you Seerose, and yes Lynxster4, it's based on a Sacred or and Azure Kingfisher but I've taken a few liberties with the colours. Tuvm drydareelin appreciate the feedback and comments guv 🙂
  9. Cheers Welshblue. I used the lines from a real house and invented the textures. All based on Pdn tuts.
  10. I've been looking at your work to improve my own Woodsy. I have trouble with my lines mostly. You have a consistent style and finish which gives the piece an integrity. I'm a bit all over the shop not that I'm comparing its just a bit obvious. Your stairwell is the ducks guts mate and I look forward to ripping your techniques in the future. Best of luck with it all Woodsy 🙂
  11. Don't change a thing Seerose, tuvm and good on you 🙂
  12. High praise Woodsy, good onya young fella. Its all part of my master plan, I get a few scenes together and animate them. Not much worth publishing so far but I'll sort it out if I live long enough 🙂
  13. Tuvm Lynxster4. I'm not up to Wood meisters standard but I bet he can see all my stuff ups. I'm just a mature age apprentice and I won't be doing another house for awhile cause its too much like hard work. I usually work out the back making galaxies and stuff 🙂
  14. Still playing house.
  15. Thank you lynxster4 and Seerose and Woodsy. Ausies don't drink Fosters I'm here to tell. We sell it all to the Yanks and Euro's who wouldn't know a good beer from a techniclolour yawn. We have local brews that we guard jealously and conspire to keep from the multi nationals so as they don't homogenise the amber elixir from which most Horse Trailians gain their superpowers. We do have wallabies in the garden and possums in the chimney but we don't drink Fosters, it's an urban myth 🙂 Better bung another billby on the barby Berryl!