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  1. The pouring ink makes it look like he's melting!
  2. So last night, the Lion was taking me to my "day job" when some dimbulb turned and smashed right into us. @DragonsLion is okay. The car is a total loss, and I have bruised ribs/torso. I was supposed to have a follow-up with our doctor today, but the taxi never showed up and I just wasn't up for rescheduling. At least I can take a deep breath without screaming, which is more than I can say for how I felt last night. And don't worry--I used to be an emergency medic, plus I have dealt with a broken I know how to care for an injury like this. This is just...AAAARRRGH!!!!! Couldn't that woman pay attention to what she was doing?!? "Distracted by a food truck." Lady, I was on that same street and didn't see a food truck anywhere. I hope her insurance premium goes through the roof. *deep breath* *winces slightly* Okay, I feel (somewhat) better now. I'm wearing my favorite sweater just for cheer points.
  3. Happy birthday @Pixey, our dazzling friend!
  4. @Seerose, a sparkly new year to you as well!
  5. Oh my gosh, @Drydareelin, I'm so sorry. The new image is amazing, though.
  6. Wasn't White Star Buff a copyrighted color? In that case, it would be like modern sports teams (have to be destroyed IIRC). Has always looked to me like a traditional "buff" with a hint of rose beige. You're off to a great start with it!
  7. Oooh...I love them! Happy Holidays to you as well, dearest @Seerose!
  8. Gah! *falls off couch* Was not familiar with this...entity. He looks pretty darn frightening.
  9. Love it! I had to count the number of birds twice (methinks I need to clean my screen), but it's so realistic!
  10. Oh this is stunning! The tree looks like it's fading into memory as we speak!
  11. Thank you @barbieq25 and @Woodsy! for everyone!
  12. I figure if nobody's screaming, I'm in the right one! Man Flu sounds horrible from everything I've heard. I'm down mostly to congestion now, but still ugh.
  13. *applauds* Wow! Great work! The static was worth the wait; I can tell you've listened to advice and done a good bit of work.
  14. Thank you everyone! Yes, the Lion is spoiling me greatly; he's an absolute saint right now considering I have the flu. (Trust me, that wasn't what I wanted for my birthday.) Will respond in more detail later when I feel slightly less potatoed.
  15. Allow me to offer :cake": --that's an annoying glitch!
  16. Happy Holidays everyone! @lynxster4, these are AMAZING. I can't decide which I like better!
  17. Thank you, @Seerose! I thought it was pretty magical, too, and wanted to share. @welshblue, the name does sound that way, doesn't it? Never even occurred to me, d'oh! I was looking for a holiday light display, actually, but found this instead.
  18. Thanks! I found the scene very peaceful when I photographed it; it's a lovely park.