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  1. @Pixey thank you! It gave me an excuse to listen to some jazz standards...not that I ever need an excuse for that. And yes, the Lion and I are Cheesheads to the core! In fact, we're moving close to Green Bay (he's from the area originally). @Seerose, thank you! Funny how I got those colors: after getting the models adjusted to my liking and getting the background to resemble a loft-type apartment, I put a layer of deep blue over the top and then puttered around with the blending modes. I loved the effect I got with Xor, but it wasn't blue enough for my purposes--so another layer of deep blue set at "Normal" did the trick. @lynxster4, that was exactly my intention! The term Poison Blue just kinda begged for it, y'know? Thank you!
  2. @Seerose, if that's real it's amazing.
  3. The Poison Blue was a legend, and so was Eddie Barber.... This piece has its origins, of all places, in something I read about the way bottles of rodent poisons etc. used to be sold. They were ridged glass usually in a pretty shade of cobalt blue, and I commented I would have trouble not calling it "Poison Blue" from here on out. Next thing I know, I'm writing a short little piece about a musician from Saint Paul's Rondo Neighborhood and his supernatural trumpet...yeah. The Lion and I were discussing expanding this into an animated short, but that's gonna have to wait because we're getting ready to move from Saint Paul back to our home state of Wisconsin. As it stands, it's a love letter to an amazing city.
  4. Fantastic work, as always! "No Return" reminds me of shots from the Hubble.
  5. I WILL get this to work, I WILL get this to work...after I have a little more sleep under my belt. This looks SO cool @MadJik, thank you!
  6. Aww, thank you! I'm just trying to rock as hard as the rest of you do.
  7. *blush* Thanks! I'm a big believer in art therapy and art as an active meditation. I tend to see it as taking out a damaged soul-piece and letting new growth replace it. I dream of inventing new textures the way you, @lynxster4, @Pixey, @dipstick, @Woodsy, and @MadJik do. Practice, practice!
  8. Thank you! I almost added a textile part, but realized that would be a BIT much!
  9. Thank you! I've always liked mixed-media IRL, so I figured...why not?
  10. This is a fun one, @MadJik! I decided to add some Liquify and some Noise since I'm from a part of the world with clay/sand soil. (St. Peter-Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer ftw, I guess?)
  11. Trevor, thank you for sharing! I gave this a test run last night and I'm quite impressed.
  12. Dude...I love the detail on the axe, especially the handle! You're progressing by leaps and bounds!
  13. Congratulations!! And graveyards don't scare me. I'll bring a flashlight.
  14. *squee!* Thank you! I've been wondering what the finished plugin would be like!
  15. @Beta0, Ghostbusters quotes are the exception because it's my favorite movie. I'm glad you made it through all right, and congrats on learning to cook! (Hit me up if you need recipes.) Thank goodness you have electricity back, and yay for the new kitty! Glad you're feeling better too; it sounds like you're going to come out stronger than the hurricanes.
  16. A combination of @lynxster4's porcelain and chrome text, @Pixey's gold-encased bottle, and @welshblue's stamped metal text. Now if I could just remember what I did for the wood....
  17. Love it, love it! I used @dipstick's red marble and got a fantastic glassy effect:
  18. Um...WOW. Is that a natural formation in the cavern or created by intelligent life? (AKA, should we run?)
  19. @TrevorOutlaw. that one is so cool! He looks like he just had the ultimate brainstorm.
  20. @Beta0, welcome back! And Rowan Atkinson is always a good answer (unless the answer requires a quote from Ghostbusters). You're handling the host-hopping better than I have.