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  1. Best part of Generations: Data singing "Life Forms" while Riker looks like he's flipped a circuit. Come to think of it, that's the only scene I really remember (and I am a Trekker from WAY back).
  2. Fight nice you two. Twins, I tell ya.... (I kid.)
  3. *takes another look* Well I feel like a doofus. Great whales!
  4. See if you can find Ice Road Truckers then--yoiks! Great work @Rickhum!
  5. That's bizarre and fantastic, although it looks like Daryl Dixon was editing Latin while having a sneezing fit. I love it!
  6. No worries! You needed some answers to know what you didn't know, happens to all of us.
  7. Ugh, reformatting is the worst. I feel your pain. What version of Paint.Net are you using?
  8. Shame on you, more like. You don't come barging into a forum unknown and copping an attitude. Be thankful the mods are pretty chill.
  9. Nostalgia cousin Freddie died unexpectedly on Tuesday. While he was long-estranged from most of the family, I'm very close to his brother and sister. Todd and I ended up winding down with a show we used to watch as kids.
  10. Paint.Net uses whatever fonts you have installed on your system.
  11. Might want to try MadJik's "Melting" distortion too.
  12. It's a plugin. Download it from toe_head's link and then follow these instructions:
  13. Eeeek...good for you! However, be careful with that medication. It can mess you up severely.
  14. The first thing that comes to my mind is selecting the column with rectangle selecting, making sure that Anti-aliasing is turned off. You could then delete the column or replace it with color or gradient of your choice.
  15. *facepalm* That's what I forgot! Thank you!