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  1. @welshblue, fantastic as always! I wish I could transport Lucille, the ghostly teacher from my childhood home, over to your neighborhood to keep the little girl company. Lucille loves watching over kids. 😥
  2. Holy cow! Fantastic works @Vagabondi! You dove in with both feet! ❤️
  3. I saw an ad for USB-chargeable heated insoles (complete with remote), and now I can't get this blasted song out of my head. Electric boots indeed.
  4. Well, this is a forum for the software called Paint.Net. Paint.Net would be able to repair the photo; I have used it to repair burn damage on photographs with great success.
  5. @welshblue, I couldn't have said it better myself! Also Welsh is an incredible language. One reason I liked Torchwood was Ianto Jones and his Welsh speech (played up insufficiently IMO).
  6. Wales and Wisconsin must have been separated at birth!
  7. Thank you everyone! I have been fighting a stomach bug all week so it was a pretty quiet day, but it was still a good one!
  8. Thank you! That was the effect I was after; one of Woodsy's animation tricks helped me get the timing right.
  9. So, I had to take a few months off for various RL reasons. I come back bringing my 2019 holiday card--which turned out to be an unexpected memorial to Woodsy since I used a couple of his tricks. Whatever you celebrate folks, I hope it's a happy one. --Alyce
  10. Oh no...I take a few months off and come back to this. RIP dear friend, and happy trails. 😭
  11. I have Blender but have barely tried're making me curious here.
  12. Fabulous work as always! Can never have too much red. ❤️
  13. Thank you! Some of the bits I have been working on for over a year. Also, there's no such thing as an uninteresting language fact (used to be a librarian, moi). This one actually had me squeeing; the book is set in Shropshire, so everyone is basically Welsh at heart. The name Sarn now makes SO much sense in context (narrator has a very ambitious brother). ❤️
  14. Thank you! I have way, WAY too much fun with Shape 3D. This house in question has at least two more (the book doesn't go into much detail about the layout). Next up: making a loom.
  15. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great one!
  16. "The room was all dim like a cave, and the red fire burning still and watchful seemed like the eye of the Lord. There was a little red eye in every bit of ware on the dresser too, where it caught the gleam." --Precious Bane chapter 2, "Telling the Bees." Can't see much of the window in this shot, buuut there's more to come.
  17. Thank you, everyone! And @lynxster4, seeing through it wasn't the goal quite as much as letting in a bit of light. Now, to building!
  18. So, I was watching a bit of medieval reconstruction when I remembered there was something odd about medieval glass I'd wanted to research. The short version: glass in many parts of northern and western Europe used to be made with wood ash to provide some of the necessary chemistry, so it had an interesting green-gold effect and was called "forest glass." Here's a window with forest glass and leading; I have been considering a medieval house model (from my favorite book) for some time, so now I at least have the windows for it!
  19. No but you have one heck of a memory! (Still mad about the lack of decimal point.)
  20. Where's the decimal? Where's the decimal?!?