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  1. Thanks. A colleague has Stage 4 cancer, and a beloved family member needs surgery but his insurance is being a bunch of jerks. That says a LOT about the quality of the plugin then! 🤩
  2. Well WOW! You have given me some interesting ideas here. I added a concrete texture to give it the impression of glass embedded in a wall, like an earthship.
  3. *cho--abort, abort, not real apple!* Looks delicious and shiny!
  4. They're a reconstructionist performing/teaching group; they've been performing ancient Scandinavian music for about 20 years, and only just recently recorded an album.
  5. OH lordy, this just made me weak in the knees! Just when I have some special fundraisers to make, too. 💖
  6. @yellowman! I can't tell you how often I use your 3D room tut. (Seriously, I lost count....) Welcome back! And agreed, @Red ochre. I can't even vote in this one because I like ALL of them!
  7. With a nod to @Pixey for her latest artwork, here's the song Todd long ago dubbed my theme song. Darn good song too.
  8. Hey, "Red Lady" is my theme song! Love the picture and would love to know where she got that hat. 💖
  9. Thank you! The lighting and shadow had me close to tears a few times, so that's wonderful to hear! I'm a hardcore feminist too, but having suffered through my cousin's seemingly endless collection of Dracula movies I have to agree that covering your ears is actually the right response. The gal on the right is too dead to say much. The three on the left seem to shriek constantly in every. Flipping. Movie. (Seriously Vlad, could you bite someone other than neurotic sopranos? --From, a neurotic soprano.) Still wondering if he needs a cup saying, "Being king s*cks" with fangs.
  10. Thank you! I think that's the part I'm proudest of. Aside from how hard it is for vampires to digest birthday cake, I think he's pretty content.
  11. The right is Vlad Tepes' altar to his late wife. The three on the left are the "Brides" of Dracula. The OP, me, is feeling quite silly after messing up his facial hair so he looks like Groucho Marx. *facepalm*
  12. Actually, watching a dancing candle was what inspired it, so I'm glad it worked!
  13. Holy cow! Fantastic works @Vagabondi! You dove in with both feet! ❤️
  14. I saw an ad for USB-chargeable heated insoles (complete with remote), and now I can't get this blasted song out of my head. Electric boots indeed.
  15. Well, this is a forum for the software called Paint.Net. Paint.Net would be able to repair the photo; I have used it to repair burn damage on photographs with great success.
  16. @welshblue, I couldn't have said it better myself! Also Welsh is an incredible language. One reason I liked Torchwood was Ianto Jones and his Welsh speech (played up insufficiently IMO).
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