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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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G'day all,

I got a plasma ball for Christmas and I decided to try and recreate it in Paint.Net.

So far I've got a basic image of it, but I'm stuck on how to make the pole in the center more 3D and my the ball look more spherical also making the lines that come out of the center pole.

Example: http://www.urbanjunkie.co.uk/shopimages ... %20350.jpg

and this is my image so far


any hints/tips?

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Wow, uh! Is that 100% Paint.NET goodness? :o

Edit: read the dA page on it. It appears that it is! Congratulations!

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@ spike

yeah, I used 3d shape on the pole, I added to few effects to it (Engrave / Emboss, Brightness / Contrast and Glow) to try and get the look of a pole with rings around it (couldn't think of a better description). They didn't really work well with 3d shape though, but it was the best I could come up with.

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A touch of Redial blur.

"Redial" blur? Classic! :lol:

:? ah bloody potato :lol:


I'm determined to make glass... Come Hell or high water I'm getting glass!

I decided to try something more uniquely shaped than a ball.

As I've told Madhatter yesterday, you need to "align" the object better with the background so it looks like the object is resting nicely on the background, not tliting with nothing to hold it up.

Glass edges needs to be much more defined.

Keep at it.


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my art teacher in the 8th grade showed me this technique with tempra paint and a sharpie marker, i decided to give it a try on PDN, i kinda want to sharpen the image up alittle and maybe use a glaussian blur or a motion, the drawing obviously not done yet, but i think you can see the effect im going for, what do you guys think?



sorry i no its small, i was going to turn it into an avatar.


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wow! I've been busy this week but did a quick troll thru the pictorium tonight. see we have a few new people joining us and some early works by them posted here look very good.

look forward to seeing more from knowitall6 XQse martje UFWhoa

@wither your work lately has been sensational I especially like the two sincurve pieces. and your glass work is A++

@bugster those avatars you had up this week are real good some of your best work I'd say. the first one I think was the better of the two real clean clear colors. you might have brightened the second a bit too much.

@K digernnaro gee hope I spelt that correct. I really wish that pic was done bigger that looks like a tichnique I'd enjoy trying.

@Hapk welcome see you've mastered a few of the tuts.

enjoyed the pictorium tonight now I'm off to play with paint.net and see what I can conjure up.

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