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  1. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    Just another picture I did for my blog. 100% PdN, of course.
  2. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    Since I seldom connent to the forum, I have to thank many people all in once: Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks. To be honest, I wanted the firework animation to be more realistic, but I had not enough time to spend on it... so I delivered a sub-optimal version
  3. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    This is my second animated gif: fireworks. While the smoke skull was based on dents, this is obviously made of fragment.
  4. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    Thanks to dug and barbieq25! Now I'd like to show you the first animated gif I ever made. I used Unfreez 2.1 for the animation and, of course, PdN for the frames.It's about the risks related to smoking...
  5. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    Hi! I've been away for a long time, but maybe there is still someone I know around here. Unfortunately I had very little time to spend with PdN, but I never stopped using it. Lately I used it to create some graphics for my blog. For example this picture, which is 99% PdN, the exeptions being the two photos in the frames. Bye! Pyjo
  6. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    Thanks. It is actually 100% PdN (little more than shape3d, paintbrush and blurs), but it is one of the most photo-like picture I did. Experienced PdN users that saw it believed that it was a photo edited with PdN until I show them the intermediate steps of the work in progress. Thanks also to janettsue, pipp92, slj, simple, Dahnna, ZizOiz, and mman6460. Sorry, I had very little time in the last week even for replying to comments. Bye Pyjo.
  7. pyjo

    Pyjo's gallery

    My PdN creature is sleeping in the darkness. It didn't evolve further, unfortunately. I'm both glad and sad that someone miss my pictures. Glad because there is someome that likes them so much. Sad because I'd like to be more active on the forum, but in this period I'm working hard to earn money to feed other creatures I did, of another kind (FaB creatures, where FaB stays for Flesh and Bones). They are also very interesting, but cannot be published here since they aren't done in PdN. I have a couple of projects in mind, and hope that soon or later I'll complete and publish them. I'd like also to add features to my plugins... maybe in 2 or 3 weeks... Bye Pyjo.
  8. The only good thing about the source code is that it works. I'd like to clean it and then publish it, but i don't know when this will happen. Keep waiting... maybe I'll PM it to you. About trasparency: the "empty" areas are filled with primary color, so you need only to select a fully trasparent color as primary. And about wrap... If you think it may be useful I'll try to add it as an option. Now Codelab is very powerful. I'll consider VS when I'll try to do something that cannot be done in Codelab. Thanks, and... congratulations! Perhaps my plugin still needs some hardening... Impossible is nothing. But The formula should be completely changed. When I started working on this plugin, I had your example in mind, but i judged it a bit too difficult (for me) to implement. Maybe in a future release (such as 117.0 or something). See you later (with the next, full release of the 2.0 version) Bye Pyjo.
  9. Update available: PowerStretch 2.0 Beta Bye Pyjo.
  10. While working on my skin texture I found this strange effect. It looks like colorful clouds. It is made up only of noise and median, adjusted with hue/saturation. Maybe it can be useful for abstract pictures? Bye, Pyjo.
  11. Thanks. I used a plugin of yours, try to guess which one! Bye Pyjo.
  12. Developing the skin texture and its applications: here is a 100% PdN arm. Bye Pyjo
  13. An experiment on synthetic skin textures: Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Thanks Pyjo.
  14. :oops: That's what I thought too, that's why I said that crater looked perfectly real to me ( :oops: ) The photomanipulation is still good although. The title "crater manupulation" was a witting ambiguity. It is actually the manipulation of a crater, but the pictures was presented in a somehow misleading way. Please remember that the post dates at april 1°. Bye Pyjo.
  15. Maybe. Sorry, nobody is perfect. Maybe. I hope this is not true, however. Perhaps you should look at the correct place. The upper part of the grass area in the left picture, for example, is not that good. Bye Pyjo.
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