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  1. hi guys. i could need some advice. i followed a tutorial and got a cool effect. and i followed a fire tutorial that i wanted in the background(i made it on other layer) well. how do i get the fire behind the first tutorial picture?
  2. guess so. i need it for this http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=27123 ya sorry.
  3. hi. can some one give me the link for the zoom blur deluxe plug.in please? i can't find it:/
  4. Unfortunately, I must disqualify andypandy - they mention that stock images were used in their sig, but did not link to any of them as is required by the rules. why me!! lol. i didn't see the stock image thingi:P:(
  5. ther first is an effekt plugin i think,for the background. and some images that are been puted in.. the second one is a tutorial for
  6. were is the results? i wanna know who is winning :twisted:
  7. i don't know.. i don't understand this: Now copy the bottom layer and make it and image by it self. Do the same thing with the other two layers...how do i do it??
  8. yes okey but when i make a new layer its full of squares. and i don't hnow how i use the paint bucket on the layer
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