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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I saw that new avatar while perusing another part of the forum, so I figured I'd check the Pictorium to see if it was posted here. I needed somewhere to express my praise!

That looks kick-awesome, barkbark! :D

I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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I did not do this in paint.net...

BUT! I did not want to make a thread, i just realized how "funny" it is...


a screenshot of half of a post i made on another forum, kinda funny with my avatar and signiture lol

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Hi everyone, this it's my first post, i'm from chile and i've always liked the photo edition, but i've never instaled a program to make some stuff... until now.... XD.

Now i've made a lot of nice pictures with Paint.net.

so that's it... i hope you understand my "inglish" xP

pd: my signature was made with PDN... some opinions about it ??...



Sorry about my inglish... XD

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