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  1. Another way to start a fire using Paint.NET is overclocking your computer while Paint.NET is running and that will make an even more realistic fire.
  2. maplemushroom.com its a maplestory forum. i paid for the domain name (well actually i made my dad do so) and set all the registrar stuff 0.0 i also made a freewebs site all by myself except for the text effects at freewebs.com/annoyingwebpages (space =)) .
  3. I'm sorry I didn't say this earlier, but I used your example glass button for my forum:
  4. I like the MDI and TDI, I won't have to open 30 windows of Paint.NET to do something. =)
  5. Oh I get it now, Paint.NET can't have a blank page with no pictures open, like how Microsoft Word, if you close the sub-window, it's like a gray screen with nothing open, right? Edit: Well, not in the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta... 2003, yeah.
  6. Thanks to your plug-in, I made part of my own cursor set thingy. Here are some examples: But pointer shadow doesn't work for anything except for the default ones <_<. Great plug-in.
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