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  1. Born2killx

    Paint.NET v3.0 Beta 2 is now available

    No, there is a built in updater in Paint.NET so it notifies you of a new version and uninstalls itself automatically.
  2. Born2killx

    How do I do translation?

    Rick has a tutorial for it here:
  3. Born2killx

    The Bliss Parody Gallery

  4. Born2killx

    The Picture Battle!!!

    Teleporting w/o a machine > Teleportation machine
  5. Born2killx

    The Picture Battle!!!

    Global warming > Sea (There is steam)
  6. Haven't posted pics here for a while, here ya go!
  7. Born2killx

    How to start a fire with Paint.NET

    Another way to start a fire using Paint.NET is overclocking your computer while Paint.NET is running and that will make an even more realistic fire.
  8. Born2killx

    plug in text?

    I think I know the problem. He's not installing the font file in the correct folder, I think. The folder to install it in is C:\WINDOWS\Fonts (for Windows XP).
  9. Height and width to the pixelate dialog? I never heard of a rectangular pixel, but whatever .
  10. Super Jesus Extreme's skin color changes in every picture you do o_O.
  11. Born2killx

    Image Opinion

    I like what's behind door #3!
  12. I don't see any difference, either.
  13. Born2killx

    Due to the recent spam posts...

    What was the avatar? o_O
  14. I believe that Paint.NET is not a text editor, but a graphics manipulation program. I think.