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  1. Oh allright, completly useless for non users of PDN?
  2. FF is being a tard'. What does this do? Make it look totally White on the internet but when saved it has text?
  3. I can translate from English>Spanish... Its the only other language I know... lmao At least I think I can!
  4. You can manually try this with slightly diffrent effects By... >Add Layer :AddNewLayer: >Pick your color >Use the brush tool, to brush carefully where you want to see this color >Blend Mode> Overlay Or just lower the opacity, play around!!! The pencil too would work great aswell for smaller images...
  5. @classic members of 06?-07: Holy ! Picc84 is still alive and kickin! Damn, he's fly too!!! and... SKIING! My only hobby!
  6. I noticed today, After beginning to learn some C lanuages. That your blur effects seem as though there just highly complicated algebraic expressions. Very complicated. although they don't use X and Y varables I'm only a freshman in highschool. Just curiouse what these are made up of? What part of math and if anything?
  7. Yeah, i'm talking about TASpring, Total Commannder is a diffrent game, which if i was talking about, i would have said. Download it Dalton, its great fun! If anyone does, please tell and i'll play you.
  8. Does anyone play this game? Its a RTS based off the original TA. Kinda like Red Aleart C&C, just w/ build people, that build things, which makes it quite more stragitic...
  9. I have one 2! (bluetooth ear piece) I were it everywehere though,just cause its so much easier. I'm running a wonderfull LG VX8100 which is in OK condition... Durable too! You should here my storys... lol
  10. i know i know, im not the best dancer... dont push it :lol: I am though, Hip-hop, break, walkin' it out latly too, clown mostly though.
  11. Yeah, it looks like some weird cave from a videogame. lmao, I like it allot!
  12. ahhh. Ok, thanks! Yeah, i accidentily changed some around.
  13. background:url="C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\sotbg1" repeat-x="" fixed="" bottom="" center=""> That dident work... for some reason... Is it my location of the image? sorry, new to actually USEING HTML... lmfao
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