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  1. @classic members of 06?-07: Holy ! Picc84 is still alive and kickin! Damn, he's fly too!!! and... SKIING! My only hobby!
  2. i know i know, im not the best dancer... dont push it :lol: I am though, Hip-hop, break, walkin' it out latly too, clown mostly though.
  3. yea dude seriously... you do...
  4. haha ouch. I see you have just awoken... and aatwo, you better belive it.
  5. No one likes my picture? I worked hard for that picture! and traveld 3000 miles to Florida for it!
  6. Ah haha, thats good^^ I shall post me! I'm so fly... Man I hate Puberty... lol i dont even think there pimples...
  7. Photoshop abs? Anyone know of a tutorial?
  8. Is anyone else pursuing a Six pack? (abs)
  9. Wow! Really cool! They look great! maybe if you use a gradient from the top color to the bottom color in the same place (same exact place as the current highlights) it may look better.
  10. Looking unique! Man you guys like your odd-looking shapes pluginns dont yea's?
  11. http://www.dafont.com ? i got some off their and it worked?
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