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  1. trickman

    Games! (not flash)

    I can't play Maple Story because of my crappy monitor...
  2. trickman

    Games! (not flash)

    Yeah! It rulez!
  3. trickman

    Making banners

    LITTLE? That's HUGE for a banner! As for the effect, you gotta search for a pattern, apply it with the Photo Flood Fill plugin on a new layer and try different blend modes.
  4. I use my Text Outline tutorial...
  5. trickman

    DBZ Aura?

    I did, still it didn't work. It doesn't do those things with those settings!
  6. Wow, awesome! How did you do it?
  7. trickman

    DBZ Aura?

    This is what I get:
  8. trickman

    Water Reflection (ymd:100725)

    It was more like coding exercice... Mmm, I think you edited it from another dialog... Just kiddin'.
  9. trickman

    Water Reflection (ymd:100725)

    What is the blur for if we can just gaussian blur it after doing the effect?
  10. trickman


    shouldn't this be in the pictorium? And in the GD?
  11. trickman

    Coolest thing I've seen in a while!

    That's just, AWESOME for a flash app.
  12. trickman

    Rotate a selection

    Rotate: Select and then hold right mouse button. Flip: Download flip plugin @
  13. trickman

    Firey Text

    OK, I tried this yet again. and it didn't work. Tom, the old method was way better! Could you post it again? EDIT: I tried again and it worked... o.O
  14. ...Just click and hold outside the image, it should work...
  15. trickman

    Make an Animated .GIF with Paint.NET

    Mrery Crhistmas ot yuo ot, Mdajik!