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  1. @ thehamster maybe a little outline object to some figures, and like aille said those lines don't supposed to be there
  2. mmm yeah...I update it, but this happens sometimes....it's not allways. don't know maybe it's a misstake.....
  3. it can't be saved just typing the full name of the file ?
  4. that's a very good effect, because the dog legs aren't in the same position, so the reflection as to be modificated to fit with the original image... nice effect edit:I guess they aren't the same images....because a gap between the dog legs reflection
  5. this happens me when i have a .gif file in a folder, then i wanted to save other file with the same name, so in the name "save as..." "textbox" i wrote "image.gif" and press enter the image wasn't save...there was only a file that contains nothing thats the problem....hope you understand me
  6. sometimes when i duplicate a layer and then plip the new layer, the whole image flips, then I undo the last action and then only the layer flips thats all pd: hope you understand me
  7. i dont understand !!! i know what means digg, but dugg ??? updating pdn... thanks
  8. i've been lost for a long time, but always view all of the new works new signature and avatar
  9. Hello to everyone.... here's another wallpaper that i've made i call it "Blue music" hope you like it.....comments??
  10. does your t-shirt saids Wardecke ????? :oops: :oops: :oops: thanks for the publicity XD
  11. Here's my first try.... and the second... I preffer the second one XD
  12. omg!!! 400 PDN works !!! Wow...i doesn´t has much time this days but here it's something that i've made.. PDNsunset
  13. omg !!! i was completly shocked by this guy.....thats a very beautifull video.. thanks for sharing it
  14. wow men!!!! (i guess) it reminds me the first quake !! very very nice effect like it 9.7/10
  15. Thank you. Unfortunately you're mistaken (not entirely though I do like the odd classical piece here and there) but my fave bands range from System of a Down, Disturbed, Bring Me the Horizon, Franz Ferdinand, Funeral For A Friend, Lamb of God, the Zutons all the way to 70s and 80s music So I'm partial to metal and rock myself. However, relaxed yes and I read a bit but not as much as I should though. BTW, FireFly: 8/10, would have been 9 but the capitalised F in the middle catches my typing out WOW !!!! you like the same music that i like !!....System and disturbed are one of my favorite
  16. wow !!! i've love rock !!!!! specialy metal !!!!!... let me guess about you.., I guess that you are a very relax person, that you read a lot, and like symphonic music... i've give you a 9/10, i like the history of your nick
  17. [offtopic] thanks men !!! xD... and a question for you...arent you a artrage user ??? i think i'be heard of you in the artrage2 forum and as you don't rate my nick...i dont rate yours :evil: 8) [/offtopic]
  18. wajajajajajjaa....nobody knows XD....but it's a degradation of my name here is the DEGRADATION XD Waldo (real name) - Waldosqui - Waldegue - Waldeque - Wardecke (final nick ) jajajajjaja all the nicks have been made by my friends XD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firefly: mmmmm i guess 8.5/10 mymetallicpotatoe: ehm... 7/10...guess too long nick
  19. Commander sozo... I guess a 7/10 bacause it sounds like "sonzo" witch in spanish means "slow guy" or something like that XD
  20. From a draw that i've made in class XD there's the before and after AND a space image...i hope finish it
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