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  1. Hmmm... Can't argue with that. Welcome to the team, pdnnoob!
  2. I've been around for 8 years; I figured I had tenure by now!
  3. I just wat an unlocked Nexus 4. I could save $30/month by getting out from under this overpriced contract, but it seems a little Santa magic is about the only way I'm getting one this year.
  4. Retro City Rampage releases today! Finally!
  5. Man. The PlayStation was the first game system I got within its original life cycle, so when I get all nostalgic about video games, that's where my mind goes. The original Spyro the Dragon is still one of my all-time favorite games, and was the first game I purchased a digitally from the PSN once I got a PSP. One of my favorite things about the PSP was the PSone emulation; now they just need to get their act together and put out the PSone emulator for the PSVita.
  6. A band I really like decided to go full indie for their 13th LP and fund everything through KickStarter (successfully funded at 243% of their goal). They released a rough cut of a demo for the new album, so I'm listening to that. I likes it.
  7. It's highly unlikely that EA purchased it themselves. I am not a lawyer, but seeing as how Activision holds the rights to the title, I'd imagine it would at least be enough for a domain seizure, if not straight up legal action. It's more likely that a fan who ardently prefers BF over CoD set it up as a jab. Whois shows it was registered through Domains by Proxy, Inc., though, so we can't know who exactly is responsible.
  8. ^ Gotta admit, I was hoping that link would be about zombie smilies...
  9. The "Choose Defaults" dialog allows you to set your default startup tool, as well as the default settings for the tools that have them. You can access this dialog by clicking the "Tool" button on the far left of the toolbar. It is the first option. You can read more about these settings on this page of the Paint.NET online Documentation.
  10. I got in this afternoon. They had it open for a few hours, but they've reached their capacity again.
  11. That character is a very widespread meme. Plenty of PNGs of that image without the white background already exist, such as this one here. If you're having trouble removing the white background yourself, you could just grab one that already has the white background removed.
  12. We are here to help, but we are not at your beck and call. Indignation after a mere 11 minutes with no response is ridiculous and disrespectful. The answer welshblue gave should be plenty to answer your question. For a visualization of what is going on with transparency, you can read through the help docs regarding Working with Layers. Thread Closed
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