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  1. Oh allright, completly useless for non users of PDN?
  2. FF is being a tard'. What does this do? Make it look totally White on the internet but when saved it has text?
  3. I can translate from English>Spanish... Its the only other language I know... lmao At least I think I can!
  4. You can manually try this with slightly diffrent effects By... >Add Layer :AddNewLayer: >Pick your color >Use the brush tool, to brush carefully where you want to see this color >Blend Mode> Overlay Or just lower the opacity, play around!!! The pencil too would work great aswell for smaller images...
  5. @classic members of 06?-07: Holy ! Picc84 is still alive and kickin! Damn, he's fly too!!! and... SKIING! My only hobby!
  6. I noticed today, After beginning to learn some C lanuages. That your blur effects seem as though there just highly complicated algebraic expressions. Very complicated. although they don't use X and Y varables I'm only a freshman in highschool. Just curiouse what these are made up of? What part of math and if anything?
  7. Yeah, i'm talking about TASpring, Total Commannder is a diffrent game, which if i was talking about, i would have said. Download it Dalton, its great fun! If anyone does, please tell and i'll play you.
  8. Does anyone play this game? Its a RTS based off the original TA. Kinda like Red Aleart C&C, just w/ build people, that build things, which makes it quite more stragitic...
  9. I have one 2! (bluetooth ear piece) I were it everywehere though,just cause its so much easier. I'm running a wonderfull LG VX8100 which is in OK condition... Durable too! You should here my storys... lol
  10. i know i know, im not the best dancer... dont push it :lol: I am though, Hip-hop, break, walkin' it out latly too, clown mostly though.
  11. Yeah, it looks like some weird cave from a videogame. lmao, I like it allot!
  12. ahhh. Ok, thanks! Yeah, i accidentily changed some around.
  13. background:url="C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\sotbg1" repeat-x="" fixed="" bottom="" center=""> That dident work... for some reason... Is it my location of the image? sorry, new to actually USEING HTML... lmfao
  14. style="color: rgb(204, 204, 204); background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-image: url(../My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/sotbg1.bmp);" yspeed="1" background-repeat=""repeat-y="" background-position="" center="" alink="#ffcc99" link="#ffcccc" vlink="#990099"> Whats going on with this code? I see nothing wrong with it, yet it totally does nothing to what I want it to do. reapeat sideways. and scroll up and down with the user, staying at the bottom of what the user has in its window at all time.
  15. I got some LG VX 8900.. lmao How do i send pictures to it?
  16. Quasi, upload to imageshack.us and get the direct link
  17. This I like! Blotbait! and aww man, now i gotta sign up for DA. haha Yes, i have missed so many pluginns! wow not cool! i'm going to have to pick a day out of my year and just download the whole 2 pages of them. Thanks for the welcomes guys.
  18. You mean this part: If so, yeah, that does look a little off. I believe that's simply a case of bad shadow, exacerbated by the increased contrast. Here's a version with that extra darkness / redness lessened: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b37/c ... teprof.jpg I isolated the spot around the eye, used Hue / Saturation to make it more yellow (helps cancel out the red when set with the blending mode) thereby increasing the brightness, blurred the layer, and set the blend mode to screen. That looks a little better. I'll try working with the clone stamp, or doing it pixel by pixel to finish up that part. Boltbait, not that i had a hard time finding it, just that I'm the only one that never knew it existed, or just totally forgot about it... hah EDIT: OR... Not, maybe i do suck at pixel by pixel changing... lmao, man i hate blending... i'll keep trying...
  19. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b37/c ... ofpruf.jpg cmd, thats awesome, but if you look below her left eye in the corner. I'm not sure how to fix this.. i'll give it ago. and how come i'm the only one to never find that port. effect?
  20. Yep, that was my signiture, expect more. I love drifting, and have always. Thanks
  21. Hey, how would i try and make this picture look more professional? lol *not the background, i cant find a background to flow with the tint of her skin and everything* just, her... lol
  22. Something like that. after you leave, you miss all the memories. seriously. I just remember getting flamed for being the kid of the forum. and than like, a bunch of youngin's joined, so I doubt i'm so much of a kid around here anymore.
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