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    because you remember Black Panther from blockland. Obviously.

  2. The color of the orb in the center completely ruins it, no offence. 7/10 Try desaturating and making it a little more orange.
  3. If you are using an upload form, it will reject it. Most people who run websites, or even forums look for infractions on file sizes, unless it is very noticeable (spelling?)
  4. I see either a babies face, or a cats face on an eliptical moon.
  5. GIF does not support alpha values as well as PNG does, but there are transparent animations in cs source
  6. Well on sites other than this, the only sig I use is And feel free to use the boondock saints, i was bored and just made it. and the only thing in GIF I really use is this. I apologize if this doesnt show up, i cant see it half of the time.
  7. That is a dirty lie, gif is supported too. gif also supports transparency.
  8. haha. I got a bunch more, just dont feel like posting them.
  9. Raster images use pixels, which is what Paint.net is, it is a raster program, as is photoshop. Now if you take an image that is vector, like adobe illustrator, you will lose ZERO detail at any level of resizing. In vector artwork, adobe illustrator for example, you take your pen tool, make an anchor point, make another point and drag, that is basically making an equation for that line you just made, inbetween those two points. With that equation you will lose nothing, no matter how you resize it. Take a vector program, drag in a nice sized circle from paint.net, anti aliased of course, and then make one in the vector program, and zoom in and look at the difference. I have a really good example of this, but it is saved as a PSD, I will save it as a png and show you the difference, was resizing a logo for a community service project, and I used a rastered square while I used vector artwork for the main part of the logo.
  10. I might download it and try it, for some stuff im working on for a mod for Battlefield 2142.
  11. If you want it to look different, download something on http://www.win-customize.com but beware, many of those theme programs have spyware in them.
  12. If you get more advanced at it, there are programs such as Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive, and I am sure there are a couple of good free ones. Just learn HTML code, and you can pretty much do anything.
  13. I might just make it and sell it.
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