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  1. Some of you may be familiar with "AutoHotKey" or "AutoIt". These programs give a Windows computer Apple-script-like capabilities. You can automate simple tasks that are boring/time-consuming, bind new hotkeys for things, run software, manage the clipboard, etc. etc. etc. I thought it'd be cool to use the icons on my desktop in my desktop's background in some way ... to mimic next-gen OS GUI effects, if at least on the desktop... I took a screenshot of my current desktop to show what I mean (right now, glowing icons): Anyway... so I wrote a script for AutoIt that does the following: Minimizes all windows Changes the desktop background to "None" Screenshots the desktop icons Opens PDN Pastes the screenshot to a new image Applies a Gaussian Blur Saves the image Applies the image as my computer background The steps could be changed, and any effects (or combinations of effects could be used). You could even have it add an image to the mix (a normal background). Here's the script file: With a script, if the icons on my desktop change (move files around or install a new program), I just run the script and it takes less than 30 seconds to produce a new background. Now, this may not seem desireable to most, but I happen to like how it works out and I think the concepts could be applied to other PDN automation tasks. Also, it sure did impress my girlfriend! AutoIt (open source = free!): -John
  2. If you want to write the algorithm yourself, PDN's Codelab is a pretty interesting environment to test in. I did some basic shape-recognition algorithm testing in Codelab...made it easy to see results as I worked...
  3. Not for me...for me, it automatically selects everything on the canvas and begins rotating it...
  4. Yes, indeed, Westrock! I remember using my 700mHz 64MB RAM computer a few years ago...if you made the background animated, it could use ALL of the system resources... Good point...
  5. It's most certainly still possible. My copy of Linux has full read access to my Windows partition (and write too if I got off my lazy rear and set it up correctly). Windows PE (or copy-OSs like BartPE) would be even better...ask an IT person you know to try it out. Norton or one of the other big virus companies might have a bootable scan product.
  6. The illegal immigrant discussion has almost nothing to do with outsourcing to India. And you are sitting at a computer, just like I said. Check your post on this thread (only a bit more than a month ago): ... y%20laptop. PS CS2 = $650 software. If you're not paying "anything near $650" you either got one amazing deal (including the possibility of having received the software as a gift) or you're, well, stealing (a.k.a. pirating) the software. Stealing $650 worth of software also kind of puts you in no position to argue about illegal immigrants stealing things from our country.
  7. Which taxes, BTW, do undocumented illegal immigrants leech off of? An illegal immigrant can't even collect a measly SS check. You just wrote that while sitting at a computer (maybe even your laptop with the $650 software you claim to have on it). Watch out...there might be a shovel and some bricks headed your way.
  8. Instead of this, you might want to try hitting the little button "Customize Desktop" button on the Desktop tab of the Desktop Properties window. Then in the new dialog, hit the "Web" tab and then hit the "New" button. Then you select your HTML file and OK out off all dialogs. It will put the file on your desktop, but instead of taking it all over, it puts it in a nice little window.
  9. You may be looking for "feathering," a feature not in PDN. If you truly are talking about antialiasing, there's only really one genuine effect it has, and the first squiggle surely has it. For example, straight parts of the line are prefectly sharp, and angled parts attempt to be perfectly sharp. In the 3rd line there, nothing is sharp.
  10. Try a bit to figure it out, and then (if you need it): To convert from degrees to radians: pi*(degrees/180)=radians Radians to degrees: (radians/pi)*180=degrees
  11. Arctan / inverse tangent That's what you need for finding the angle. y=mx+b m = rise/run rise/run = y/x tan(a)=y/x so... arctan(y/x)=a (what I have there is not at all code...I'm not sure of the syntax for the trig functions in PDN source/C#...I've used them in effects before, though, so if you need, I can help figure it all out) You may need to adjust this in the code a bit (since the images have the origin at the top left not the bottom left), but it should do the job.
  12. The "white" areas in the logo at the top-left of this page are not actually 100% white. The white on that image has a brightness value of 99. See for yourself It's been bothering me because my laptop screen is actually showing that small difference in brightness...the logo looks like it's in a grey box.
  13. I'm not sure exactly which build this was implemented in, but I've found that the Ctrl+Spacebar shortcut for the thumbnail dropdown is rather inconvenient. I'm used to holding both Ctrl and Space at the same time to both zoom and pan an image for detailed work. Now, however, when I'm doing this sort of work, I have to make sure I totally stop pressing one of the keys before depressing the other. I often accidentally hit them both at the same time. There's no easy way now to activate both zoom and pan, moving around an image efficiently. Thanks for considering this problem, John
  14. If the colors/shades are similar (and around them are sufficiently contrasting ones) you can use the magic wand tool to easily select the colored area. If there isn't enough contrast you could duplicate your image layer, increase its contrast, make the selection there, then switch back to your original image to use the selection how you wanted.
  15. Yeah this is the thruth with such projects. However, it seems Rick is willing to work on PDN without pay for now. I think his donation system even actually sends the money to his college.
  16. Since they're not connected in the computer, it shouldn't be a problem. If you're accessing shared program files on a special file storage partition from multiple OSs there might be some small issues, but not if you're just accessing data or if you're just keeping everything separate.
  17. Maybe, but if I remember correctly, the Windows-installed bootloader won't boot Linux for some reason (even though most Linux-installed bootloaders will boot Windows).
  18. Education. Also, maybe the text is ugly...? As long as you aren't copying beyond what you're allowed, it's pefectly legal. This is a very tricky topic because, for example, even your browser technically copies the image when it downloads it. As long as the stuff is for totally private, education-oriented work, no one will ever know and no one will ever care.