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  1. If I am designing an entire site then once I have done the layout testing on a single sheet I move the CSS to an external style sheet. If I am just writing a single page or a script that will just be a single file then I put the CSS internally as making an extra sheet or a function to just display the CSS from the script when called via the link tag is stupid. Everything has it's place and there is nothing 'sloppy' about using internal CSS as and when the situation requires.
  2. Why is this sloppy? Sometimes it makes more sense to have the CSS in the HTML as opposed to an external CSS file. If all I am making is a single page I'm not going to bother using an external file sheet.
  3. Have a look at my last post regarding Standalone IE. You might be on Vista but a lot of people are not. Ignore that. Even they failed to get it working.
  4. I'm a web developer and my tools are PSPad for my coding/html/php/css/js etc Paint.NET for my graphic creation/editing (obviously) Web Developer Toolbar a must have for any developer using Firefox Xampp a fully fledged WAMP set up (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) All browser for testing in in portable format: Firefox Portable Opera Portable Portable Safari Portable Chrome (do a search in top right for chrome) Stand Alone IE installs IE as a stand alone application. Offers IE 3, 4.01, 5.01, 5.5 and 6 but to be honest you really only need 6 as anyone using older than that really needs to update. All the above are free I might add.
  5. Tom Jackson has made a plugin for doing the fiery text from this tutorial.
  6. But you can't say Opera's the safest web browser any more
  7. I'm calculating the distance from the center to define the blur amount. It is then more 'natural' to me to set the distance from the center...The other way (from the edge) will be to difficult to implemant! I was thinking that everything on the inside of the selection would be untouched and then the blur would start from the edge of the selection area.
  8. Stupid question but you are trying the right version of Flash?
  9. Try Firefox 3. Thats supposed to be faster. You can get the portable version of the beta from
  10. Just been playing with this and I noticed that the centering system is based on the full image even if you only have a small area selected. I did have a thought though but it's probably miles out. Couldn't this work by the user selecting the area to start the blur from and then blur from the edge of the selection outwards based upon the blur distance specified by the user?
  11. Pah when I requested the exact same thing at the start of November I hardly got any answers except from BoltBait about his Strip Primary Color plugin.
  12. That is a perfectly valid use of a table. Tables are meant to be for displaying data. Although there is some debate, even in the W3C, as whether or not it is valid to use tables to control the layout.
  13. One of the sites I posted is a business site but as they are only a local company and don't do business over the net so I didn't see it as being advertising.
  14. Lol I just posted about Firefox 3 beta 1 portable on the previous page of this thread.
  15. Just to add to my list: Eat Sleep Back to the off topic discussion I just started I was in Portugal this year and I let a Texan get in the queue in front of me. He turned round and said, "gracias". He then said, "Oh I don't have to speak Spanish to you." Nope he doesn't have to use Spanish on me but given we were in Portugal he would of found Portuguese a better option when speaking with the locals. The Portuguese for thank you is Obrigada/o (a for females o for males same as in Spanish).
  16. Just saw a film called Day X which pretty much about the government developing a rather nasty virus. It's an independent film so don't go expecting high quality but I have seen worse (far far worse). Spoiler(ish): A government created virus escapes (we think) and starts to infect the population of America. One person in seven in immune and the film is based around a group of survivors who end up in the same building together. The virus turns peoples brains to jelly but makes them stronger and makes their saliva deadly (bit like a Comodo dragon). One of the survivors surmises that because of what the virus does it was not created to be used on an enemy but on the population of America if the country was ever invaded. The government and other 'important people' would live in underground tunnels until the infected died off.
  17. Well Firefox 3 beta 1 is out and if you don't want to risk installing it you can get a self contained portable version from and as far as I can make out most important extensions (AdBlock+, Web Developer Toolbar etc) work fine with it. And don't forget that if you use IE7 then get IE7 Pro from which adds a lot of good stuff such as mouse gestures, ad blocking and much more. Opera's getting to gimmicky these days with it's bit torrent support.
  18. I thought all Americans spoke Spanish these says. Or rather Castellano. As to American history it's not like there's a lot of it
  19. My site is/was a collection of things that have attracted my interest over the years. That particular page is taken from the site that is linked at the bottom of that page. I actually bought the book about 8 years ago and about 5 years ago thought people might find some of the fetishes listed as funny or informative. Specially ones like a pie in the face. I actually had to script to remove the Google ads from that page as they said it was against their terms. It's on the side nav of the new layout because I hadn't gotten round to doing the script for the side menu yet and had just tossed together a static example based upon the Home side menu of the site.
  20. I can't see animated gif dying anytime soon or even just normal gifs. Look at how long it took MS to fix the PNG support in IE to support transparency. It will be like if/when JPEG makes the new format based upon HD Photo. The photography industry might jump on it but it will take a while to become popular (although not as long as PNG).
  21. OK I'll keep it simple. << This was the last design of my site before I recently moved to a blog based site was a redesign I was working on before moving to the blog is a website I made for my better half's employer Oh and SymphonyoftheDepartd's link is a 404
  22. When I'm not working I'm Working on a website Working on Lazarus, the guestbook script I write/maintain Read books Play on my 360 Chat on Yahoo! Spend time with the better half Not posted in any order of importance.
  23. Because it's a Microsoft proprietary format. No it won't be. HD Photo is an MS format. JPEG XR will be open format same as JPG is and free to use.
  24. Not even sure you can uninstall IE without reinstalling windows using a hacked copy.