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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Thanks Frojo! I had a nice halo effect on the first one, looked very atmospheric; the second one I did in like 5 minutes to see if i could do a Earth type planet, it didn't come out as well.

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you made a checkerboard type pattern, floyd-steinberg (or similar), then blended the layers together either with an alpha plugin or a layer blend mode. is that about right?


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You were close. By close I mean 1.5 steps right, which is still pretty close.

1. Open image (a dumb jpeg)

2. Duplicate layer

3. Beyer 16 halftone (that was the ".5 right" part)

4. Blend mode> Multiply (the remainder of what you got right)

5. Zoom out by about 1 percent

6. Zoom back in

7. Zoom back out (serious)

8. Take 2 screenshots of each half of the resulting image

9. Put them together and start experimenting at random

10. Undo all of the experimentation and save :P

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usedHONDA: omg men...thats a very awesome effect (google)

As i'm the few ones that hasn't have made a glassy sphere...

i've made my own !!! XD


any comments ??


Sorry about my inglish... XD

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@Bossk The Wizard Lizard: seems your having a bit of trouble posting your pics so here's a little info ;)

to post an image you must put this ""%20before%20the%20link%20an%20this%20"" after (without the "")

now if you want to add a thumbnail with a link to the pic here is how you would do it:

*replace { and } with [ and ]*


hope that helps a bit


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